Greenville offensive lineman practicing with broken toe

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Since rain has been a mainstay in Greenville since the practice began, Tigers interim coach Mike Williams has cringed every time one of his players were slow to get up from a drill.

Injuries are something every coach worries about and hopes they don't happen, especially on rain-soaked practice fields.

But they do happen.

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Greenville offensive lineman Josh Hawkins is now trying to practice through the pain from a fractured big toe he sustained over the weekend, Williams said.

Williams said that he wasn't sure how Hawkins broke his toe, but said that he has not missed a single practice because of the fracture.

"I feel like he's the type of person who can play through the pain," Williams said. "We have young men on this team that need to learn how to play with pain sometime."

Hawkins showed no signs of the fracture affecting how he practiced early on Monday.

Greenville continues to practice with about 50 players who are sophomores, juniors and seniors. Williams expects to add up to 25 freshmen to the team to put up to 75 players on the roster.

Williams said that Greenville will have a freshman squad this year to play at least five games.

And with the number of freshmen joining the team, Williams now is concerned that he may not have enough equipment for all of the players.

"If you can call that a good problem to have, that would have to be it," Williams said.

Still, Williams said that the Tigers coaching staff is progressing at a slow pace trying to introduce a new offense, defense and special teams.

"We are trying to cover everything from A to Z and right now I would say we are at about letter C," Williams said. "I would say that we'll have half of our offense, defense and special teams in by our first game."

Greenville opens the season at home Aug. 26 against Daleville.