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Tribute to the Alabama Farmer

Last week a politician in our state implied some negative things about our state’s farmers. Imagine that, a politician throwing stones at another profession. Funny, ... Read more

2 days ago by Staff Reports.

 Are we destined to do great things? By R.A. Mathews

By R.A. Mathews (letters@ramathews.com) Red, white, and blue. That’s what courses through my veins.  So, for the patriotic holidays — Memorial Day, 4th of July, ... Read more

5 months ago by Staff Reports.

‘My Cancer Hero’ was a runaway success

They came by the dozens, the tall and the small, young and old and every age in between. On a picture-perfect Saturday morning in downtown ... Read more

6 months ago by Angie Long.

There are heroes among us

I know a lot of superheroes. They don’t necessarily wear capes, or carry shields. They don’t have superhuman strength, X-ray vision or the ability to ... Read more

6 months ago by Angie Long.

Alabama’s patch of paradise

I can remember as a child looking forward to our marathon summer days spent at the public beach in Pensacola. We’d leave at dawn, my ... Read more

6 months ago by Angie Long.

Kudos to Butler County employees for stepping in and feeding students

  We’ve all said the adage “teamwork makes the dream work,” but for Butler County Schools it was a different type of teamwork that kept ... Read more

9 months ago by Kendra Majors.

Delving into local history’s mysteries

    The older I get, the more interested I grow in the past, how it affects us today and what it can teach us. ... Read more

9 months ago by Angie Long.

Op-ed: Alabama physicians face challenges head-on during vaccine rollout

By: John Meigs, Jr., MD, President – Medical Association of the State of Alabama   Because of a seemingly slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, ... Read more

9 months ago by Staff Reports.

Higher education that “everyone” needs, can afford

SPECIAL TO THE JOURNAL Long time resident of Crenshaw County, Dr. Ira Walton Sr. was joined this past September by Dr. Daryl Franzel, a 40 ... Read more

9 months ago by Staff Reports.

Remember what matters most in 2021

The other day I posted on social media asking people to share a photo of something in their lives which brings them happiness. What was ... Read more

10 months ago by Angie Long.

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