9-11 Commission using work to further ambitions

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2004

The testimony of National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, a good Alabama girl, before the 9/11 Commission last week didn’t do much to further the investigation into the events leading to the tragic terrorist attacks two and a half years ago.

Dr. Rice,

because of the nature of her position is protected

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by executive privilege.

Under law, she was not required to testify in public, but she agreed to after Pres. Bush asked her to.

For the people out there who think it is all a coverup, ponder this.

No matter how hard they

grilled her during the review, she never lost her temper, she never lost her footing and maintained exceptional poise.

To us that suggests that all she said to the commission was rooted in fact and truth.

There was no super spin to it, it was simply what she knew and the president knew before Bin Laden's cowardly followers attacked.

And to think she offered all this under an incumbent president who is seeking reelection.

Rice characterized terrorist intelligence gathered prior to the al-Qaida attacks as broad and unspecified, saying there was nothing to suggest an attack on American soil was imminent. She

suggested that information was not shared by everyone because they were afraid of invading someone's turf in D.C.

We hope this is corrected now with the Department of Homeland Security.

While we saw a composed Dr. Rice answering questions or trying to answer questions, we also saw a partisan body on a "witch hunt."

Of course these are the same people who are elected to serve our needs.

Instead of serving America's needs, they were spending their few moments in the sun posturing for some future political aspiration.

Americans should not tolerate this type of behavior and it should be called off immediately.