Watch Greenville grow: Mayor and council make progress

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Mayor Dexter McLendon and the Greenville City Council are movin' and groovin' to help keep Greenville moving to the future.

In August, Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon held a workshop along with the Greenville City Council. During the workshop, McLendon mentioned several projects that he would like to see progress in the near future.

This week at the regular meeting of the Greenville City Council, McLendon and the crew showed that these projects are in the works, but it is taking some time. But, many Greenville residents will be happy to have something to do with their time, especially the younger generation.

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One of the projects that was discussed in August and then brought back to the table on Monday was the possibility of a water park facility at Beeland Park. The mayor has expressed an interest in having &uot;more than just a swimming pool&uot; at the park and as of Monday, the first step was taken.

The council also approved the final item for the new softball complex, which also adds to the entertainment and enjoyment of Greenville residents

entertainment that will benefit all ages.

The addition of a skate park will result in an activity that will keep much of Greenville's younger generation preoccupied, and when the lights are installed, even nighttime activities may increase for these youngsters.

A second project that the council has in mind is connecting the two Greenville exits, and Monday, the city council approved the first step by passing a resolution to get an estimate on connecting Manningham and Cahaba roads.

And finally, the council approved yet another project that was originally discussed in August

the repair and replacement of the Cedar Street culvert. At the August meeting, McLendon informed the council of the constant degradation of the culvert, suggested the city put aside some money for repairs, and at the Monday meeting, the council authorized the mayor to begin the process of getting estimates of the work involved.

McLendon and the council are using their time wisely, and are making progress for the city, and is it growing.

Parks and activities such as these will keep everyone in Greenville happy, hopefully, and will help bring in more and more residents to the city.

Greenville could soon follow in the footsteps of Prattville, which seems to have shot up overnight. Prattville went from almost a ghost town to a booming little city.

But, here, with such a hard-working staff, there's no question that the City of Greenville is definitely on the grow and with the constant improvements, this little town will continue to be the best small town in America.

Kudos, Mayor and Council.