James kicks off campaign, promises a better world

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 17, 2001

On Monday, a crowd of residents and visitors gathered at the Butler County Courthouse as Tim James kicked off his week-long, statewide campaign tour for governor.

"Today is not just the beginning of a campaign; it is the day we will begin building a new world," said James, who is a resident of Greenville.

James informed the audience of several issues that he would be fighting for during his campaign and what he would change if elected.

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"Public schools are so mismanaged that teachers have to spend their own money on supplies. When my two terms come to an end, every school that is now failing will be back on its feet," said James. "Our kids will be ranked at the top of the nation."

James said the way to improve schools is to have strong principals leading them. "Strong principals, like John Black at Greenville High School and Dr. Kathy Murphy at Greenville Middle School,

make test scores go up and they improve discipline. They have done a great job and we need to continue in that direction," said James.

He also said that he will focus on small business. "Small businesses are the foundation of our state. Some small businesses are so caught up in taxes and red-tape that it is hard to make a profit. I see an Alabama where government can root out waste instead of finding ways to increase your taxes. As long as I am governor, I will never sign a tax increase into law," he said.

James also said that family is also a high priority in making a better Alabama. "I am running for governor for my children because I want them to live in a better world than the one in which I have.

"We will be an Alabama where moms and dads can stay home with the kids if they choose, and a state that understands the well-being of a family. I believe in the right to life, pro-life…and I believe that we need to be kind and sensitive to the less fortunate and let them fall into the arms of the government where we can give them a lift."

James added that he will push for voluntary prayer in public schools

"for coaches before games, for principals before graduation and for children in the classroom when our nation is in a time of trouble."

He said that the way to make a better Alabama is not to elect a politician, but to elect a businessman. "My goal is to bring all the good that my father did. I have a strong, practical approach to problem-solving that has worked for me in the business world and can work for me as governor.

"The leaders in Montgomery aren't fixing the problems.

Our leaders no longer have the guts to stand up for what they know is right. Right now, we have a state to reinvent and I am here to lead the charge, set the pace and monitor the progress."

James will make stops in several cities throughout the state including Mobile, Foley, Dothan, Decatur and Montgomery.