Hindsight is often the best sight #110; especially in love

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 6, 2001

Some people will do anything for attention.

I tell Benny that in the case of my family it's simply our overwhelming desire to keep everybody from getting bored

though I think we do push the envelope at times.

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At least none of us have been hit by lightning or gone up in flames through spontaneous human combustion

not yet, anyway.

(I did have an aunt do an impromptu strip tease in the middle of the nursing home one day.)

My mom decided to practice swan dives off the back porch last Friday and did a dandy job of busting up her right ankle.

I keep asking myself why the folks didn't get rid of those awful makeshift steps' on the back porch years ago.

More importantly, I ask myself why I didn't insist they do away with them before the inevitable accident happened.

It's said the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Without argument, the path to so much needless pain and sorrow is liberally strewn with all those things we honestly meant to say or do or take care of.

Funny how we never get around to it…

Children of aging parents, here's a tip: get rid of the slippery rugs, mend the broken steps, put in the handrails, the shower seats and do whatever is necessary NOW to keep your kindred safe and sound later on.

Yes, I am ready to kick myself because I didn't do more to prevent this freakish accident from happening.

Yet I am so very relieved my mother's injuries are no more serious than they are.

(The fact she was still well enough to fret over her slightly soiled pantsuit while stretched out on the gurney in the emergency room gave me hope.

Vanity, thy name is Ova…)

I'm writing on Sunday.

She should have her temporary splint taken off and her cast put on Monday in Montgomery.

Maybe, just maybe, by the time y'all read this you will be able to stop in at 3261 Joe Killough Road and leave your John Hancock' on her lovely leg.

(I'll have a Magic Marker on hand.)

When the bad stuff happens (and believe me, it will), our family's learned you have to do what you can to help each other in picking up the pieces and moving on with life.

Just remember to chalk it all up as another great (if painful) learning experience.

(That's the long and short of it, you know.)

"Junior Miss on the way"

While you never want your mom to break her bones, the twelve young women who will take the stage at the Ritz Saturday night might appreciate that old theatrical good luck message to break a leg'.

You can be certain these high school seniors from all across Butler County have spent many hours in preparation for the event

years, really, because their academic performance and their talent counts heavily in this program.

It takes brains, brawn (have you seen that killer fitness portion?) and beauty to take this crown (or should I say, medallion).

Who knows…maybe one of our own could become the next Diane Sawyer (one of America's former Junior Misses).

The very best of luck to all who will be taking us to A Tropical Paradise with Junior Miss' on Saturday night at 7 p.m.

(Throw on your lei and come on out and join usyou can pick up your tickets at the door.)