The tempurature is rising and the pressure is on

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 26, 2000

In a new week once again, I have seen how the pressure can be turned up.

With one less person in the editorial department now that our intern Alisha has left, the work load has been increased on those of us remaining.

And in all honesty, my responsibilities are still small compared to others here in the office.

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I have really been taking a crash course in the newspaper business, and have a lot more to learn.

I am appreciative of the fact that my co-workers and supervisors are so patient with me, and I have been warmly greeted by the public that I come into contact with.

There are so many sports stories out there to be told, and I am earnestly trying to get to them all.

First, there are those Greenville Dixie Youth All-Stars.

The eleven and twelve year olds have been absolutely phenomenal in their performance, both at the sub-district championship held in Troy last week, and now the district tournament in Dothan this week.

As of Tuesday, Greenville's standings are two wins, and one loss as they go up against Enterprise.

If Greenville wins tonight, there will be three teams with identical records for the tournament.

That would result in a drawing for the bye, and the championship games would begin on Thursday night.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed that Greenville can stay in the running.

The next step after the district championship is the state championship, which will be held in Athens, Ala.

Other happenings in my world include getting all of the games from the other All-Stars games out into print.

I am also planning to attend the "Lazy L' Posse" horse show to be held this weekend, at the Lazy L Farm.

Located at 4590 Manningham Road west of Greenville, the Lazy L will be conducting a ride and horse show on Saturday, July 22.

The ride will begin at 1 pm, and the horse show will start at 4 pm.

I'm told that there is some real talent at the Lazy L, and I am looking forward to being there to see it.

For more information, you can contact Berry Lee at 382-7926.

Also, in upcoming issues, I will be covering some local sports talent from our area.

Brad Horn recently participated in the "Small college world series" baseball tournament held in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Another talent of local interest, Todd Nicholas is being scouted by both pro and college baseball, and I will be meeting with him to get the scoop on that as well.

Football season is only just around the bend now, and as weeks go on, I will be interviewing all of the area's high school coaches, to get the low down and forecast for this year's football season.

I am told that I might even get the opportunity to tag along with some of the area's best fishermen, and if for nothing else, get to drown some crickets while watching them at their craft.

After speaking to Tim Dunsford, executive director of the Greenville YMCA, I am planning to cover the soccer, football, and other sporting events that take place with the "Y" as well.

I almost forgot to mention that on August 20, I will be going to the University of South Alabama Mitchell Center for "WWF Attitude", and will bring back a report for all of you "Wrasslin Fans" out there.

Now that I have come out of the closet with it, I must say that I am an avid fan of the WWF.

I know that professional wrestling is simply a form of entertainment, but if you think about it, rehearsed or not, I don't think anyone could take the punishment that is dished out in the ring without being in top-notch shape.

I am interested in knowing if there are any other people from the Greenville and Butler County area planning to attend the Sunday night event, and encourage anyone who will be to contact me beforehand here at The Greenville Advocate, either by phoning me or dropping me an e-mail from our web site at .

It would really add some extra flair to the event if I could link some local residents to this event.

Who knows, there may even be a fan club interest out there.

I am interested in feedback from you, the readers of this paper, and would love to hear your suggestions, so that I can improve this portion of the paper to suit your liking.

Another plan of mine is to get out to the Butler County Motorsports Park, and get a "real feel" for the dirt track environment.

If anyone has any accomplishments of a sporting-type nature that they would like to see in the paper, please contact us.

There is always room for "That big fish that didn't get away", or even a story about the one that did.

I would again like to emphasize my pride for all of the Dixie All-Star Athletes, and ask that you all bear with me as I try to get them all into print.

I could really use some help with some photographs from the out-of-town games, and would certainly love to hear viewer descriptions of the games that I cannot attend.

To again echo what I printed recently, I need "stringer" volunteers to contact me before the high school football season begins.

What I need are people who are willing to report back to me about the out-of-town games, so that I can get them into print in a rapid fashion.