Fitness training good for old and young alike at YMCA

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 15, 2000

When you turn on the cable T.V. tonight, and see Chuck Connors or Suzanne Somers selling the "greatest fitness device to ever hit the market", remember this:what they are selling wasn't out when they got into shape.

With a masters degree in exercise physiology from Auburn University, Greg Hartley says, "A total body fitness program is 60 percent cardiovascular, and 40 percent strength and agility."

Hartley has been the Fitness Director at the Greenville area YMCA for the past 9 months.

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In addition to overseeing the Fitness Program, Hartley is also available for private individualized

training and counseling.

After working for 10 years at the Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Montgomery, Hartley has seen what it takes to overcome injury, and knows what should be done to prevent one.

"Strength and agility training prevents injury, and increases flexibility", Hartley stated, "And studies have proven that people that regularly participate in a good workout program suffer from fewer injuries in their daily lives, and in sporting events."

Hartley says that a good workout program involves training 3-5 days each week, for 30-60 minutes per session.

"If you exercise three days a week, you should see no slippage in your physical conditioning, and 5 days a week will show consistent improvement".

With regard to sports and nutrition supplements, Hartley says, "Most of them are either unproven, or the dosages required to gain the desired effect are much too expensive."

"I encourage a good healthy, balanced diet, and a good multivitamin to supplement a regular workout program", he added.

The Greenville area YMCA offers a great variety of equipment and training classes throughout the week, including dance aerobics.

A fairly new program offered is the "lunchtime exercise program," which involves alternating cardiovascular and strength training, or "interval training."

This program is sponsored in part by Subway, and includes a sandwich meal with it.

When speaking of Subway, Hartley says he believes that the guy on the T.V. commercial actually did lose all the weight he claims while using the "Subway Veggie Sandwich" and a good walking program.

"Once you reduce your caloric intake, and increase caloric burning through exercise, your metabolic rate (rate at which food is used for energy) is bound to change as well."

Hartley said that the YMCA will soon offer a weight management program called "Get Real."

"This program is exercise-based, and emphasizes the use of common sense in weight loss", he explained.

"The program will start in the next few weeks, so be on the watch for public service announcements detailing it."

"Get Real" stresses exercise in a 10 week program, "Because consistency is the key to metabolic balance", Hartley said.

"Weight management is 80 percent good food choices, and 20 percent Get Real' exercise," he added.

The Greenville area YMCA offers a wide variety of fitness training programs, including dance, dance aerobics, weight training, swimming, and on-site day care as well.

Membership prices vary, and different packages are available upon request.

There are different rates for individuals as well as family memberships.

For more information on any program membership packages, or options available at the Greenville area YMCA, either call them at (334) 382-0550, or stop by at the Beeland Park Recreational Center, located at 1016 East Commerce Street in Greenville.