Lawley on a mission to attend Mobile Master’s Commission

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 10, 2000

Alicia Weldon

Staff Writer

Tabitha Lawley is on a mission for God, and she needs your help.

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Putting off her plans to attend college, Lawley will attend the Mobile Master's Commission in Mobile, Ala., beginning September 17 and running for nine months.

The Commission provides chosen applicants with an intense training program for those who desire to become closer to God in their life. Each one attending will make personal sacrifices such as being away from family and friends and not being able to date, to become closer to God.

Lawley, a recent graduate of Greenville High School and a dedicated member of First Assembly of God, said she is thrilled to be chosen to attend the Commission, knowing it will open up opportunities she would not otherwise have.

"This is an awesome opportunity to be allowed to do ministry and drama with other committed young people," Lawley said.

Lawley needs about $4,000 to cover all expenses throughout the nine-month period and is asking members of the community who would like to help her attend the Mobile Master's Commission to donate any amount.

John Hall, children's pastor at First Assembly of God, said offering gifts for Lawley to attend the Commission can reap many benefits.

"We are giving the community an opportunity to help in her blessings. If you invest in her, then you have a part in helping God and helping all the people her life will touch while she is attending the Mobile Master's Commission," Hall said.

Lawley will be living with a "home opener" family, who will be a member of the sponsoring church, Calvary Assembly, who opens up their home to the participants for the time of the Commission.

Each participant will have one day off a week and be allowed to come home for a two-week period for Christmas and for special occasions with the approval of the director.

The multi-aged group will participate in ministries in Mobile, working with underprivileged children and older adults, as well as go on mission trips around the United States and overseas to encourage others to get to know the Lord.

Even though Lawley is paid some of the expenses from her own funds earned by working at the Golf Shop at Cambrian Ridge, she is still short on funds for this trip that means so much to her.

Lawley said that even though she is a little scared, she is positive the commission will help her in her walk with the Lord and allow her to be useful to Him.

"I knew that if it were God's will, I'd be accepted," Lawley said. "I want God to teach me to have more compassion for other people, but I also want Him to humble me, so I won't always try to do things my way."

Anyone who would like to sponsor Lawley can send donations to Tabitha Lawley, c/o First Assembly of God, Box 501, Greenville, Ala., 36037. All gifts are tax-deductible.