Attention now turns to other sports like baseball, tennis

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 23, 2000

As the days of winter spring forth to warmer and longer days, sports such as baseball, softball and tennis get in full swing.

The sounds of aluminum bats striking the ball followed by a roar from the fans are usually heard from parks like the O.G. Holley Field.

Down at the tennis courts, the sound of sneakers scrubbing on those hardcourts make a funny noise to those not used to the game.

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Altogether, the change of sports seasons are synonymous with the change of the four seasons.

For example, fall has football.

We all know of the memories that lie there.

But today, the tennis courts and the baseball and softball fields take center stage. Practices are getting underway for the area schools.

Greenville Academy, Greenville High and Fort Dale Academy

baseball and softball teams will look for another good campaign in 2000.

As for tennis, both of the varsity teams at FDA are use to success.

These programs have had team and individual state champions in the recent past.

Coach Johnny Mack Brown has done a great job with the teams for a number of years now.

At GHS, the Tiger tennis team has been around since my senior year: 1994-95.

As a player on the first ever team, it was exciting. Several players have made noise in state AHSAA tournaments while notable ones captured some hardware.

GHS coach Ronnie Faulk has been coaching the team for a handful of seasons.

In addition, Leander, my older brother, volunteers his time for the good of the team.

Tennis is a game one can play for an entire lifetime. It is the true one-on-one sport.

It's just you, your opponent and that yellow ball.

Here in town, several people get their kicks from this sport.

Since I was 13, Ive enjoyed playing tennis with my brother.

Being much, much better than I, Leander still has an undefeated record against his three-year younger counterpart.

However, Leander brings the heat against anyone every time he steps on the court. I'll probably get a phone call or a visit from him after he reads this column.

His first comment, you may


"You know I'm going to hear about this from the fellas."

In general, these sports (baseball, softball, tennis and golf) allows everyone to enjoy being outside, including the fans and supporters of these programs.

I encourage the citizens of Greenville to support these GA, GHS and FDA programs.

Although the city has been known for its passionate ties to football, it is now time show

that passion for these other sports.

Showing support would help all these schools' athletic programs and go a long way in appreciation with the players.

To me, I find it relaxing to sit down on a bench with some popcorn and watch the home team do their thing.

Besides, baseball is America's pastime while tennis and golf have gotten the attention of today's younger generation.

So, I hope you join in on the

fun in these upcoming months.

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than watching your

school play?

In closing, some people say that football is a religion in the South.

However, baseball wants to give it a run for its money cause it ain't over til the fat lady sings.'