Greenville ready to ReLi on new gas option

ReLi Gas, a part of the Thompson Gas Company, hosted its grand opening during a ribbon-cutting ceremony held Thursday, Sept. 8

This latest upgrade to Thompson, a long-standing company in the Greenville area, is their meter program.

“There’s a wireless meter and it’s basically on a 1:1 ratio for your household,” said Kirk Reid, Area Director for ReLi. “You have a propane tank at your house, and then that’s hooked up to our wireless meter. And then, it goes into your house.”

Reid said the concept is for customers to only pay for what they use.

“So, as you use gas in your house, then the gas is clicking through the meter,” he said. “We read the meter once a month, and send out a bill for just what you used …

“It’s a pay as you go, pay for what you use plan, instead of buying 100 or 200 gallons at a time and having a very big bill to pay at one time.”

Although Thompson Gas is in 26 states, this is their pilot program for the meters.

“We’re starting it right here in Greenville, Alabama,” Reid said. “We’ve been doing it for three or four weeks and it’s taken off like wildfire.”

Their covered service area includes most of southern Alabama; from Wetumpka and Clanton, down to Evergreen and Flomaton.

“As far as service work, we install heaters, stoves, ovens and tankless hot water heaters,” Reid said. “And we do the piping if anybody needs that done ..“We try to keep it as locally run as we can. It’s a local business with local people working here.”

Reid will work in the Greenville office, but he oversees 23 different offices.

“It’s a fun time to be a part of Thompson Gas, and we’re looking forward to being a part of the community,” Reid said.

Tracy Salter, Executive Director of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce said the community is excited to have us here.

“Thompson has been around for a long time,” Salter said. “We’re thrilled to see some revitalization of the business, and what they’ll bring with their new features.”

ReLi Gas Company is located next door to Alabama Power, at 410 Greenville Bypass. For more information, contact ReLi at and by phone at (833) RELI-NOW.