Happy “Law Day”

Governor Kay Ivey recently proclaimed today, May 1, Law Day in Alabama.

On Thursday, Gov. Ivey presented the official proclamation that May 1, will now be Law Day in the state of Alabama. Law Day will celebrate the rule of law and provide an opportunity to understand how law and the legal process protects our liberties, strives to achieve justice, and contributes to the freedom that all Americans share.

“The Rule of Law requires an educated citizenry that understands the law and demonstrates engaged citizenship. The theme for Law Day encourages all of us to fulfill our responsibilities to protect our democracy,” read the proclamation.

To commemorate the day, 223 attorneys, judges and law professors visited middle school classrooms either in person or virtually to teach classes to the middle schoolers. Many taught classes throughout the day. The classes focused on the importance of the rule of law and explaining how it continues to shape our nation and our lives.

“This year’s focus provides young people with the opportunity to learn about how the law affects our lives,” said Felicia Long, Bar Commissioner and Lawyers in the Classroom Committee chair. “Considering the current state of the nation, we can all imagine ways that the rule of law provides stability for productive society while at the same time providing a vehicle for us to evolve and move forward together.”

Law Day joins the other May 1 holidays including Join Hands Day, May Day, National Chocolate Parfait Day, National Loyalty Day, National Mother Goose Day, National Scrapbook Day, School Principal’s Day, and National Fitness Day.