Greenville Library was the center of the Galaxy Saturday

The staff at the Greenville-Butler County Public Library always go above and beyond for the activities it presents for the children of this community.

This year’s Star Wars Day was no disappointment. 

“This is our 8th time doing this event,” said Kevin Pearcey, Library Director. “We missed two years because of the pandemic.”

Star Wars Day gives Pearcey a reason to put on his Stormtrooper costume.

All in attendance clapped when he entered the community room at the library.

The Stormtrooper was immediately “stormed” by kids full of questions about the movies and its characters.

“Stormtrooper” Pearcey answered all the questions like a real-live movie character. A huge fan of the movie franchise, Pearcey served as the subject-matter expert for all things Star Wars.

The crowd of around 20 kids had several activities to keep them busy for the two-hour event.

Children’s Director Johnathan Grace said the event kept him pretty busy as he provided oversight for all the decorations, games, books, and snacks.

“The Chamber of Commerce Kids volunteered to help out,” Grace added.

Five tables of activities kept the kids busy during the event.

As the children finished their masterpiece Lego creations, Grace took their works of art to the circulation desk, where Olivia Foster and Elizabeth (Liz) Crenshaw, carefully placed them on the counter in the workroom. 

The creations were then judged on uniqueness and style.

“It’s a great time for the kids,” Foster said. “They get to come here and experience Star Wars Day.”

Crenshaw seconded Foster’s enthusiasm.

“Oh, yeah, the kids love it,” she said. 

This event wrapped up the library’s slate of summertime activities for the children.

The Greenville-Butler County Public Library is located at 309 Ft. Dale Road. For more information, contact (334) 382-3216, search for the library on Facebook, or visit the library’s website at