Letter to the editor

Recently on a local radio show, I chimed in on a discussion pertaining to the need or no need of a city school system here in Greenville. I wanted to write this message to ensure my real agenda was received by the good citizens of this town.

I am a father of four children ranging from 18 months to 23 years old. I own, and along with my dedicated staff, operate the Marathon Gas Station on Luverne Highway. I wanted to start by saying I have never considered myself a political person, so for me to discuss what may be best for the city may be out to my league. I can only speak on the real challenges I see daily from my view as a local business owner.

Inflation is out of control. Product shortages are a constant. Gas prices are higher than I can remember. Nobody talks about this. I can promise anyone reading this right now, your biggest struggle right now is fuel. I would say it is the biggest expense working men and women face daily basis. We all buy it. We all have to have it. Why is it so high? Well, that’s when politics come into play. This side has a reason. The other side has a reason. They both speak on it, but then they move onto another topic.

We cannot look away from fuel prices anymore. I am not referring to politicians any longer. I am speaking to everyone. We cannot have a local official saying there is nothing he or she can do about it. Well, there may not be anything they can do about it but, doing nothing equals nothing. I have sent letters to my senators, congressmen, governor, and judiciary, House members. I have spoken to Representatives and candidates seeking office. We don’t work for politicians. They work for us. They volunteer to take an office and are voted in by the people. Please remember that. They run our government not theirs, so keep that in mind when you question what they can and can’t do.

The working class, taxpaying people, poor or rich, those are the ones of us funding government. I am calling for all of us to do something. We cannot sit back and think we cannot make a difference. Write your elected officials at all levels. Talk to you council members. Talk to yourm, your representatives, your congressmen and women and senators. Write letters, make phone calls. Ask questions. We have to be a voice to make ourselves heard.

It’s not a black or white issue. It’s not a rich or poor issue. It’s an American problem, and the good citizens of this town. State and country have to say ‘we have had enough.’ We demand lower fuel prices. We demand caps be placed on oil companies. That they no longer charge what they want for fuel. We tell our elected officials to fight oil companies and stop letting them choke the working class.

I want to ask my fellow citizens, if you are not comfortable getting involved then I completely understand that, but I would ask that we all if nothing else, take time to pray. Pray for our great city. Pray for our great state and country. Pray for strength and wisdom for our elected officials. Pray that we get back to being one nation under God. Thank you all for reading this and I welcome any input anyone may have.

May gods bless you all and shed his grace on thee.

Shane Langford