Grant supports Greenville High School freshman program

Published 7:00 am Monday, June 10, 2024

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Katie Smith, Communication Specialist 

Mid-South RC&D Council

Special to The Greenville Advocate 

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The Alabama Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils (RC&D) recently awarded a grant to Greenville High School for the Pathways to Success program. The program enhanced freshmen’s soft skills through virtual instruction paired with teacher Hayden Stockton. 

“Upon first hearing of the Pathways to Success program, it was intriguing.” said Joseph Eiland, Butler County Superintendent. “The nine weeks’ emphasis on soft skills and leadership skills through direct instruction, videos, and live scenarios truly enrich the lives and future successes of students.”

Located in the Mid-South RC&D Council’s service area, the youth program perfectly aligned with Mid-South RC&D’s mission of improving the community’s quality of life through education and involvement. Some of the skills covered included the importance of mindset, first impressions, learning styles, time management, effective communication and goal setting. Pathways to Success also encouraged students to take a more active and engaging attitude toward learning. State Representative Chris Sells visited students to congratulate them on completing the course.

“These soft skills act as a toolkit for these students to use as they navigate through their lives’ journey and set them apart in the job market,” said Sells. “I want to thank the Mid-South RC&D Council for giving these students an opportunity to have this educational experience.” 

The Pathways to Success Program is offered through the Effective Leadership Academy (ELA) based in Ohio. It was brought to Alabama by W. F. “Noopie” Cosby, President and founder of the Cosby Company. Cosby wanted to enhance the education of students in Alabama by giving them a chance to learn leadership skills.