Random Acts of Cleanliness begins in downtown Greenville

Published 4:05 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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KrystalClean Exterior Cleaning, a leading exterior cleaning and power washing service provider based in Butler County, is thrilled to introduce the “Random Acts of Cleanliness” initiative in the heart of Greenville. As a proud member of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, KrystalClean staff are dedicated to giving back to the community and enhancing the beauty of historic downtown areas.

The “Random Acts of Cleanliness” initiative aims to surprise and uplift the community by providing free exterior cleaning services to selected locations in the historic downtown area. The campaign reflects KrystalClean’s commitment to community service and environmental responsibility.

“Our first act of cleanliness was the Court Square Cafe,” KrystalClean President Jeff Cummings stated. “We were hired to do the courthouse and we thought, let’s just do the cafe while we’re here…so we did the building, the awning, the curb, and the sidewalk. We just want to uplift the community and make it more appealing because this is our hometown too.”

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A Social media post shared by the Chamber of Commerce outlines the key highlights of the Initiative.

Community Engagement: KrystalClean Exterior Cleaning is excited to actively engage with the local community by rejuvenating public spaces, sidewalks, and building facades.

Nomination Opportunity: Residents and local businesses are encouraged to nominate areas in need of a “Random Act of Cleanliness.” KrystalClean will consider these nominations when selecting locations for their free exterior cleaning services.

Social Media Coverage: The company will document and share each “Random Act of Cleanliness” on their social media platforms, allowing the community to witness the transformative impact of their services.

Partnership with Chamber of Commerce: KrystalClean is proud to collaborate with the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce in promoting this initiative, fostering a cleaner and more vibrant historic downtown area.

“The Chamber is always excited to see its membership create and implement initiatives that help support other local businesses and the community,” said Chamber of Commerce Director Tracy Salter. “As a business owner, giving back to your community through contributions of resources and expertise is a win-win situation!” 

For nominations or more information, please email the business directly at krystalcleanexterior@gmail.com or contact The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce.