Our view: Cast your votes with pride, integrity, responsibility

Published 4:42 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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In six days, Butler County voters will visit their respective polling locations across the county and cast their ballots for not only which individuals at the local, state, and federal levels of government they believe are best suited to hold office, but also for 10 amendments covering a variety of topics from bail to broadband internet.

Voting is more than just a fundamental right. Filling out a ballot is a responsibility we all have as we actively participate in the political process.

A significant portion of this responsibility includes doing some research into the candidates of choice, weighing out the pros and cons each may bring to the table, and gauging each candidate’s willingness to work with colleagues, regardless of political affiliation, to craft legislation benefiting the constituency. This research should also consider the positives and negatives of the amendments included on the ballot in a given election cycle.

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Voters should take pride in the honor bestowed in their hands, and the act of voting should be a more thoughtful process than just hitting the button labeled “Democrat” or “Republican.”

As voters wait in line for their turn to cast a ballot, they should remember to be kind to the poll workers who are doing their part to ensure every valid ballot gets counted. Working the polls is a thankless job requiring an immense amount of attention to detail while working under a strict deadline.

Good luck to all who visit the polls Tuesday, and may your voices be heard through the voting process.