From the ME: Local briefs give readers space for publicizing community events

Published 2:00 pm Wednesday, September 21, 2022

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When it comes to changes in leadership in newspapers, those transitions can often result in changes in format to the newspaper itself, or additions to the newspaper in hopes of better serving its readership.

One such change recently implemented for The Greenville Advocate has been the dedication of roughly a column’s worth of space on Page 3 for content entitled “Local briefs,” where we’ll list events upcoming in our community, or where readers or organizations can submit information on upcoming community events to be published at no charge. 

The Advocate launched its local briefs section in mid-August, built around a strong backbone of Butler County Humane Society events, but since its implementation, more readers have capitalized on this opportunity to spread the word about future happenings.

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To provide this weekly space, we need a steady influx of events to publicize for the sake of our audience in Butler County.

Examples of events we wish to include in these sections include, but are not limited to: Community fundraisers, job fairs, church homecomings/revivals, board meetings, charity events, support group meetings, or similar events along this spectrum.

In layman’s terms, if the event information is something a resident might find pinned to a cork board in the community center or included in the church newsletter, consider sending the information our way and increase your potential for engagement.

Please limit the amount of information included to the pertinent details – the who, what, when, where, and why of your event, and a good contact number for readers in case they may want more information. Please realize our goal is to get as many briefs published each week as possible, so we retain the right to edit for length to ensure we can do that. 

Bear in mind the events will be listed in chronological order by date. While it may be advantageous to send the information early, it may not appear in the newspaper due to space limitations if there are a large number of events preceding it.

The best way to submit information to be included in our briefs section is to send an email to or call The Advocate office at (334) 382-3111.

I look forward to seeing more events and happenings populate the respective spaces provided, and I encourage our readers to capitalize on this opportunity.