Greenville Tigers are counting down to Kickoff

Published 10:03 am Monday, July 18, 2022

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****Correction: In the printed article, Marlon Davidson was listed incorrectly as Marlon Davis. Davidson is a huge inspiration for the city of Greenville and the Tigers football players. He maintained an outstanding career at Auburn University and continues that same passion with the Atlanta Falcons. The Advocate apologizes for the mistake and any confusion it may have caused. The article below has been corrected and will rerun in this week’s edition with the correction. Our main focus was to showcase the hard work that the Tiger football crew and players put into the sport and regret that an error on our behalf diminished the spotlight on them or Marlon Davidson and the continued work he does here in Greenville. ****

Greenville athletics has had several changes during 2022, including welcoming a new athletic director and head football coach. Patrick Browning has brought his training program from Pike Road and is preparing the Tigers for a great upcoming year.

Browning said it has been great taking over as the athletics director at Greenville High School.

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“The players have been working extremely hard this summer,” Browning said. “They are buying into what we are teaching and trying to instill from a discipline standpoint.”

He said the parents and administration have been very supportive, and it has been a fantastic experience thus far.

One common thing heard by players and staff is how strict Browning is. Browning said he has always done it that way.

“The core values I have as a coach and my personal core values have been the same since I started at Pike Road on day 1,” Browning said.

One parent, Jessica Bentley, said the entire coaching staff is excellent.

“Coach Browning is very nice, very polite,” Jessica said. “We love Coach Mathews. The problem will be getting Greenville parents more involved because we don’t have the help and support we need from our own parents. Coach Browning works with the kids. They are strict, but in this day and time, that is what these kids need. They have good intentions, just waiting to see how everything comes together.”

Jessica’s son, Dylan Bentley, a 10th grader and an offensive guard, said he thinks Browning is doing a good job.

The Greenville Tigers have had some very demanding workouts, including the warrior challenge.

“The military came in and put the guys through intense training, but more importantly, teamwork and bonding exercises that can hopefully pay off when things are tough,” Browning said. “It is when things don’t go your way and how you respond is usually the key in how you win big games.”

The team also attended Auburn University seven on seven and hosted Booker T. Washington for a central organized team activity.

A guest player, Marlon Davidson, came by last week to inspire the Tigers.

“He has worked out with us and helped the defensive line,” Dylan said about Davidson’s visit. “He talked with all of us players at the end of workouts about attitude for the future. He wished us luck for the upcoming season.”

“Anytime you can get a guy like him that not only loves Greenville but played in Greenville and reached the ultimate goal he had as a young man and making it to the NFL, there is nothing but positive that can come out of having someone like Marlon some by,” Browning said.

Davidson was a Greenville High School graduate and signed to play football at Auburn University following a high school career that made him a highly sought after athlete. Davidson became the first Auburn Freshman to start on the defensive line in more than 20 years.

Davidson was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 2020.

“We have a great staff that,” Browning said. “They are not just good coaches; they are good men. I think that is very important, no matter what kind of sport you are coaching. Good people do things for the right reasons. That may not mean you always win the game, but it means you are going to maximize the potential of what you have.”

The Greenville Tigers will kick off on August 26, 2022.