BCSS celebrates Cognia review findings

Published 1:47 pm Wednesday, March 23, 2022

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The Butler County School System recently received the results of the Cognia System Accreditation Engagement Review and the school system scored the highest score (IMPACTING) for 28 out of 31 categories measured. The remaining three categories were just below the IMPACT mark and listed as IMPROVING.

The study measured leadership capacity standards, learning capacity standards, and resource capacity standards.

“Butler County was almost 100 points above the average range for all school system in the southeast district,” Butler County Superintendent Joseph Eiland said.  “Considering that the external evaluators from Georgia, Kentucky, and Alabama knew nothing about BCSS or even where Butler County is (out of state evaluators) this is pretty exciting. We are pretty pumped to say the least, but most importantly, we are validated in our ability as a leadership team to identify our weaknesses and address them effectively.”

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The rating standard consists of four levels, Insufficient (Identifies areas with insufficient evidence or evidence that indicated little or no activity leading toward improvement), Initiating (Represents areas to enhance and extend current

improvement efforts), Improving (Pinpoints quality practices that are improving and meet the

Standards), and Impacting (Demonstrates noteworthy practices producing clear results

that positively impact the institution).

Butler County Schools were given a 363.71 average. The five-year average score for other institutions in the Cognia Network is 278.34-283.33.

The Engagement Review Team provided insights to their findings. Below is one insight the team communicated it found.

“As a small, rural school system, BCSS leaders have worked to develop communication avenues and strong relationships with all stakeholders. Parents spoke of the open-door policy not only at their community schools but also with the superintendent and central office leaders. Parents also explained that teachers were available before and after school and used specific apps for communication as well as “always available through texting.” Students indicated they are well-known by their teachers and administrators. The building of relationships within the system is a priority for the system leaders. With the disruptions during the past two years, BCSS is determined to provide social-emotional (SEL) support for all students and adults. The system uses the Rhithm app, which is a K-12 student and staff wellness check-in tool. The platform selects an ideal SEL activity or intervention video to regulate well-being based on user-given data from a simple emoji assessment. In reviewing data from the app, leaders have

discovered that many students and adults use the app frequently; consistent use of this tool provides support in areas of empathy, gratitude, and mindfulness. In addition, BCSS builds relationships and support for students through collaboration with the AmeriCorps Instructional Support Team. This team consists of 25 full-time members who are regular instructional assistants in the system’s schools. Ensuring that all students know they are important, cared for, and supported strengthens the bonds between the system, schools, students, teachers, and families.”

The review team noted that the superintendent and leadership team members were supportive and helpful in both long-range and day-to-day decisions which center on students.

The report concluded stating Butler County School System is to be commended for its commitment to the mission and vision, visionary and transparent leadership, and unwavering focus on students.

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Butler County Board of Education 214777 AER Report (1)