Break-ins on the rise in Greenville

Published 5:36 pm Friday, December 28, 2018

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An increase in vehicle break-ins has prompted the Greenville Police Department to remind citizens about the importance of keeping their valuables safe.


In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, GPD Chief Justin Lovvorn implored citizens to lock their vehicles when they’re unattended and to not leave valuable items inside a vehicle.

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“We have noticed that this is a problem across the state and not just in Greenville,” Lovvorn said. “A group of people, usually juveniles, will walk certain neighborhoods and go up to each car they see parked at a house or near the street and pull on the door handle. If it is unlocked, they will go through the vehicle and see if they can find anything of value.”

Lovvorn added that since October there has been 15 vehicles broken into in Greenville. In that timeframe, there have been 14 felony arrests made.

“It is not uncommon for a group to come from out of town and pick a certain area to walk around and commit this type of crime,” Lovvorn said. “They will often cover a large area on foot and then go back to the town they came from with anything of value they could find. The crime, however, is not only being committed by people from out of town.”

Lovvorn said the GPD patrol and investigations divisions have been able solve most of the crimes, but he is asking for help from the community to try and catch anyone breaking into a vehicle in the act.

“We ask each individual to be vigilant around their neighborhood,” he said. “Look for suspicious subjects walking in and around yards and call the police when you think there may be a problem. Another, very simple request we would ask people is to please lock your car doors. We have not had a problem with an individual forcing entry into a vehicle with this type of group. If you simply lock your car door when your vehicle is unattended – even in your driveway – then that is very likely all it will take to prevent someone from breaking into your vehicle. It is also important that you do not leave valuables in the car, especially over night. If a suspect can see something in your vehicle through a window, then they will be more likely to try and break in it.”

Lovvorn said he’s confident that with the help of the public these kinds of crimes can start being prevented.

“We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the citizens of Greenville and their property,” he concluded. “Thanks to the publics help and cooperation on crimes like this, we can be successful in solving them and even preventing them.”

If you have any information regarding vehicle break-ins, you are asked to call the GPD at (334) 382-7461.