Wilson receives the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award

Published 4:41 pm Friday, February 16, 2018

Greenville and Luverne Super Foods President/COO John Wilson was honored with a banquet and a plaque on Thursday night for outstanding contributions to Crenshaw County.

An array of elected officials, citizens, and family members gathered to pay homage to a man who has spent decades giving back to the Crenshaw community.

Wilson’s wife, Lillian, spoke first, calling her husband “one of the most generous people I’ve ever met.”

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Mrs. Wilson pointed out Wilson’s chronic health issues, saying he worked- and continued serving the community- through it all.

“He is a testimony to me, to be able to get up and go every day.”

Wilson has been a member of the Luverne Rotary Club since 1982, and was called nothing less than a “Rotary Legend” by introductory speaker Don Nix.

Wilson was a member of the Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity in college at Samford, and has donated to local education in Butler and Crenshaw County, human resource departments, law enforcement, the Luverne Public Library, local churches, and more.

Professionally, he is or has been a member of organizations such as the Alabama Grocers Association, the LBW Community College Foundation committee, and the Food Marketing Institute.

Wilson was also honored as the 2012 Retailer of the Year for the Alabama Grocers Association, and was honored as the 2014 Citizen of the Year by The Luverne Journal.

Wilson was “honored and humbled to accept [the] award,” and spent his speech honoring the community that awarded it to him.

“I cannot think of a better place in this world to live…to raise a family,” said Wilson, “I’ve traveled across the United States, through Europe… and of all the places I’ve been, I’ve yet to be to any place that is better, or stands out better, than Crenshaw County.”