CCA receives math honors

Published 10:33 am Thursday, March 9, 2017

CCA students from grades 7th through 12th competed in the ESCC Math Bowl. Numerous students were recogized during the event. Submitted Photo

By: Railey Ayers

Crenshaw Christian Academy Headmaster Gary Driver promised to make leaps and bounds with Crenshaw’s math program through his years at the school, and steps toward doing so were put into place early in the year. In February, 24 high school students from Crenshaw Christian Academy unloaded from the school transportation onto the campus of the Enterprise State Community College Boll Weevils. The students were headed to compete in the annual ESCC math tournament for the first time ever.

The advanced math students from 7th through 12th grade competed against more than 150 students from 13 schools in their first math competition. Multiple level math tests were given, including an algebra test, geometry test and an advanced math test.

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One student from each level test was assigned two teammates from the same school taking a different level test, and the three made up a team. Each test had 30 questions and held an hour time limit. No calculators were permitted.

After completing the tests, the Cougars entered the common area and awaited results while attempting to joke the new math competition jitters away.

The college’s president then entered, and told a math joke that about two-thirds of the students understood, and proceeded to announce awards beginning with algebra.

“Payne Bryan, honorable mention,” read the woman. CCA’s Payne Bryan’s head popped up, confused. Every CCA student present quietly thought the same thing: “How is it possible to pull off winning an award while pitted against students from 5A public schools?”

Bryan collected his ribbon, and listened for more familiar names, just in case.

“Natalie Kennedy, Jared Fuller, Cooper Blackmon, Summer Stephens..” the announcer continued. The 4 CCA students stood up to collect more ribbons as Kennedy laughed, “That wasn’t my test. There’s no way!”

After individual awards ended, team awards were announced. Team awards went to the highest test score combination of three students from the same school on each level. The announcer explained the award and then call out, “Third place team, Anna Lowe, Cassidy Soul, and Bailey Agers.”

CCA freshman Anna Lowe stood up, looking at her teammates Sophomore Cassidy Sowell and Senior Railey Ayers, whose names had just been grossly mispronounced. The three didn’t pause to correct or acknowledge the mistake until the trophy plaque was presented and the three let out a loud laugh, because they had just won one of the tournament’s highest honors against all odds and pronunciations.