Squadron Pride band member attends AU honor choir

Published 11:37 am Friday, February 24, 2017

Recently, Highland Home School’s own Bailey McVay had the chance to travel to Auburn University and participate in the 2017 honor band.

Stan Lawton, first year band director for HHS, is glad to see his students having the opportunities to attend these collegiate honor bands.

Bailey McVay

Bailey McVay

“It’s a good idea to get them in so young, especially in the middle and high school, to really get them used to playing a lot of different styles of music from a lot of different people,” he said.

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“And they get to go on a college campus and kind of see what college life is kind of like. It also helps them figure out where they want to go to continue their education.”

McVay is a freshman trombone player in the Squadron Pride Marching Band, and has played an active part in all things music since the fifth grade.

McVay credits her pursuit of the trombone to the instruction of former HHS band director Chad Turner.

After participating in Auburn University’s honor band, McVay holds on to her dream of one day performing in a collegiate band at the University of Alabama.

“This year was really fun; I’ve been before last year, but this year was better. I think music expresses everybody in a certain way. It helps you feel better about yourself,” she said.

McVay said that her favorite part of attending this honor band was the interaction she received with the other students and band directors. She also believes it’s important for students to get involved in music and honor bands because of the positive impact it can ultimately have on their lives.