GHS manager gets time to shine on senior night

Published 6:43 pm Friday, February 24, 2017

By Jonathan Gordon

After four years of being patient, Greenville High School’s loyal team manager finally had a chance to hit the hardwood on senior night.

Jeremy Clemmons has been loyal to the GHS basketball team since his freshman year.

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He’s been to every single practice, regardless of the numerous coaching changes.

Because of his loyalty, Clemmons was not only honored during senior night, but he was also added to the roster for the night.

“It was crazy, but exciting,” Clemmons said when asked about senior night.

“I was nervous up until I got in the game.”

His confidence could be seen from the stands. 

Clemmons did not hesitate to shoot the ball.

“Coach told me that if I get the ball, shoot it,” Clemmons said.

In his time on court, Clemmons hoisted four shots beyond the arc.  None of them went in, but he was still satisfied with his opportunity.

“I’m just happy to have my chance,” Clemmons said.

The most memorable thing about senior night may have been the reception Clemmons received from his teammates and the fans.

It seemed as if his name was being chanted from the time he checked into the game to the final buzzer.

“Everyone was hyped,” Clemmons said.

“My teammates gave me a confidence boost, too.

Clemmons’ efforts have not gone unnoticed by his team. 

Tyler Stone, the Tigers’ star big man, gives Clemmons most of the credit for the team’s preparation throughout the season.

“He does his job to the best of his ability,” Stone said.  “He’s a great manager.”