JL Fit, Combat Sports unite in new venture

Published 7:29 pm Friday, December 30, 2016

Latoya Cauthen, Justin Kimbro and Jeremiah Burnett have joined forces in an effort to bring a new fitness organization to downtown Greenville.

Latoya Cauthen, Justin Kimbro and Jeremiah Burnett have joined forces in an effort to bring a new fitness organization to downtown Greenville.

Two of the biggest budding sports-fitness organizations in Greenville are forming like Voltron under a single roof, beginning early next year.

JL Fit and Combat Sports, helmed by the duo of Jeremiah Burnett and Latoya Cauthen and Justin Kimbro respectively, have relocated to a warehouse behind the original JL Fit location downtown, just across the street from the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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The older building is now exclusively a dance studio, where Cauthen will teach a number of classes spanning multiple genres of dance.

“This is basically JL Fit meets Combat Sports; three dynamic trainers who are going at it to do our thing,” Burnett said.

“We decided to upgrade and bring in another flavor to the city. It’s going to be an outstanding thing coming to the City of Greenville and surrounding areas as far as sports training, Zumba, Xtreme Fit, CrossFit and more. We have a full gym, and we even have a full dance studio.”

The two previously independent ventures are meeting together for a singular goal–a fitter, better Greenville community.

“Whenever you have a facility like this in a great area downtown and you can utilize it, and you have a passion like we do to help people, it’s just natural for us to come together to meet that common goal and give the people of Greenville what they deserve,” Kimbro said. “This isn’t an “I” thing; it’s an “us” thing now. We’re a team in everything that we do, and that’s the approach that we’re going to have.

“Baseball was something that I started out with, and it’s grown to include any type of kids sports and the physical fitness of those children. I’m in the process of trying to become a speed coach. Jeremiah knows a lot about the strength and conditioning and what we need to do. Latoya does everything as far as cardio that you could ask for, as far as burning calories and making sure that you feel good about yourself when you leave, and dieting.”

Burnett said that though the means by which they’ll achieve those goals have changed, the organization’s focus has not.

“We’re trying to produce kids who not only excel on the playing field, but also in the classroom,” Burnett added. “That’s what all three of us have been focused on. With our Young Athletes, Grind Team and Combat Sports, it all focuses on the youth. If we’re producing athletes with the mentality of “I need to help the kid under me grow and get better,” that’s what we’re trying to carry on.

“We actually have a space upstairs that we’re looking to turn into a library. We’re trying to get books donated from the community and the surrounding areas, and we’ll have Wi-Fi so that kids can come in after school and do their homework away from all of the activity downstairs.”

And though the Camellia City’s youth remain a large focus, that demographic has expanded significantly, thanks largely in part to Cauthen’s fitness classes.

“We focus on everybody,” Cauthen said. “Our ladies come in and they might not feel so good about themselves. But when they leave, we want them to work on the outside as well as the inside. That’s our focus.”

The new building is aiming to house the best of both worlds, with facilities that cater to the needs of every sport, from boxing to baseball and everything in between.

“This includes position specifics,” Burnett said. “If you want to learn how to be a shortstop, come to Justin. If you want to learn how to be an outfielder, come to Justin or me. If you want to learn about dieting, come to Latoya. All of that plays a role in today’s athletes. They need to know every aspect of their games.”

“Softball is going to be utilized in these cages, as well,” Kimbro added. “We’ll hopefully be able to partner with Parks and Rec so that their teams could possibly come in here and still get their practice time in whether it’s cold or raining.”

The building itself is still a work in progress, with major additions slated for early next year. A 16×16 boxing ring will make its debut in the early weeks of January, as well as turf for baseball and softball sections.

The business is looking to give prospective members a free sneak peak next Saturday with an intense cardio workout.

At 6 a.m., there will be an adult session and at 7 a.m. the Grind Team will be brought back for kids ages 8-13.