HHS sets up new traffic commute routes

Published 11:48 am Sunday, August 9, 2015

Crenshaw County Schools introduced new traffic routes to reduce the wait time and the number of collisions at Highland Home School.

Superintendent Boyd English said the district met with officials from the Alabama Department of Transportation to form the new traffic plan and to discuss more permanent solutions like adding a right turning lane for Hwy. 331’s northbound traffic.

“We want to ensure the safety of our student drivers who commute to school and are looking at possible solutions for what has become a serious problem,” he said.

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During the morning commute, all buses, faculty, staff, parents and students will enter the gate near Clay Jordan Stadium from New Bethel Church Road. Those who are dropping off students will proceed through campus and will drop students off under the awning at the corner of the gym and science/tech building. They will then proceed out the front gate, where a Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office deputy will direct traffic.

In the afternoon, all buses and parents will enter the gate near Clay Jordan Stadium from New Bethel Church Road.

Buses will go around the gym building and line up in front of the school between Hwy. 331 and the gym building.

Parents will line up in the road between the gym building and the auditorium. Parents will not be allowed on campus until 2:30. The buses will be dismissed first and then the parents and students will follow. Everyone will exit out the front gate and onto Hwy. 331.

English warned parents against passing buses when the amber or red lights are flashing, which indicates that students are being dropped off.

“It is a crime,” he said. “If you choose to pass a bus in this situation, you will receive a traffic citation.”