Georgiana school building demolished

Published 11:48 am Friday, July 31, 2015

When it was discovered that someone had broken into Building 2 of the old Georgiana High School, school officials conducted an inspection to assess the damage.

What was found was more than just vandalism.

The unoccupied building contained termites, asbestos and weather damages that made the building a safety hazard. Because of the increasing amount of damage done to the building, the salvage-only coverage could not be renewed. It seemed to be in the best interest for all that necessary precautions be taken to ensure the safe removal of the building.

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“We will continue salvage coverage on Building 1 and regular coverage on the buildings still used for football and baseball,” said Amy Bryan, superintendent of Butler County Schools.

This decision was reached because of the safety hazards the building presented. In order to keep bystanders safe from accidental harm, the asbestos was removed and the building was demolished and disposed of. Building 1 remains in working condition. The building still remains an important part of Georgiana’s history, and according to Bryan, stonework from the demolished building will be saved for posterity. This block will feature the name of the school along with the establishment date and will be predominately displayed at the new school location.