Jaycees tournament weathers low turnout

Published 5:02 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A number of Camellia City’s best golfers braved the sweltering heat on Cambrian Ridge Saturday in hopes that the area’s foster children could enjoy a merry Christmas.

The Jaycees 16th annual Kids Classic tournament was on the smaller end of the participation spectrum, but event coordinator Ben Norman said that the heat wasn’t enough to dissuade a good day of golf.

“It was hot—I don’t know if people just didn’t want to come and play in it, but everybody that was signed up came,” Norman said.

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“It was a much smaller event as far as numbers of golfers, but it was still a good time.”

It was the trio of Sam, Steve and Ben Norman who took the first-place finish once again—for the fourth time in a row—but the Normans were hardly the only winners on the day.

Individual awards were also given for longest drive and closest to the pin.

“We didn’t have anybody to hit the hole in one, but Marshall Watts hit the longest drive,” Norman added.

“And Ryan Piper actually won closest to the pin.”

The tournament was followed by a dinner courtesy of Rick Bourne and AlaLandCo, where even more prizes were doled out.

Steve Norman took home the two-night stay at Wind Creek Casino, complete with a dinner, a cooking class and two massage tickets.

Despite the lower-than-expected turnout, Norman is confident that the money raised during the fundraiser—alongside future Jaycee fundraisers—will put a smile on a number of children’s faces this upcoming holiday season.

“We will have made some money [with the Kids Classic],” Norman said.

“And hopefully we can do one other thing to finish out our Christmas money gathering and be able to provide for them.”