Rec recaps for May 2, 2015

Published 5:17 pm Friday, May 1, 2015


Dixie Minor


Marlins 6, White Sox 2


Sawyer Waddell and Jeffery McGriff paved the way to victory for the Marlins with a hit and run scored each for a 6-2 win over the White Sox.

Waddell and McGriff weren’t alone, however, as Jacob Pryor and Hunter Norwood each also contributed with a run apiece.

Freddy Fails and Ty Kendrick each posted a hit for the White Sox. Garrett Simmons and Fails scored the White Sox’s two runs.


Giants 12, Braves 4


The Giants proved more brave Monday night with a decisive 12-4 victory over the Braves.

Garrett Fullington and Owen McNeal found home plate twice each for four runs scored, and Brodie Killough and Cole Whiddon rounded the diamond one apiece.

Fullington connected at the plate twice, in addition to a hit from Whiddon.

Chase Blackmon and Dalton Hamm recorded a hit and a run each for the Braves, as well as a run scored from Cade Lakes and Samuel Lowery.


Red Sox 10, White Sox 8


A nail biter between the rival Sox came down to the wire Thursday, but Jacquez Adams helped the Red Sox outlast their opponent with a hit and two runs scored for a close 10-8 victory.

Tyler Mallory scored a hit and a run each, as well as runs scored from Ethan Alford and John Lawrence.

Ryker Gary led the White Sox with two hits and a run scored, while Ty Kendrick and Ed Payne finished with a hit and run each.  Bo Crawford also brought in a run for the White Sox.


Marlins 3, Giants 2


A sterling effort from Garrett Fullington—with two hits and a run scored—wasn’t enough to carry the Giants to victory as the Marlins edged out the opponent in the defensive contest by a narrow 3-2 margin.

Matthrew Pipkin, Lucas Elliott and Hunter Norwood each tallied a run scored to give the Marlins the slight advantage.



Dixie Darlings


Free Agents 13, Pretty Tough 7


The Free Agents were automatic at the plate as Anna Claire Thomas led a surge of hits with three RBIs netted in one swing.

Ella Smith, Jaliah McMeans, Mary Ellen Simmons and Martisa Savage enjoyed similar success with three hits each, all contributing to the Free Agents’ 13 runs.

Pretty Tough were true to their name and put up a fight with two hits each from Lauren Til, Alyssa Johnson, TJ Smith and Marli Campbell.


Pretty Tough 16, Dirt Angels 5


A homerun from Marli Campbell gave Pretty Tough an adrenaline boost that carried throughout the afternoon as swing after swing found its mark. Lauren Till, Alyssa Johnson and Ta’Jaylen Smith each recorded three hits. Cordashia McDonald led the Dirt Angels with two hits and two runs scored, as well as a run scored from Justice James, Kenadie Mount and Presley Hamilton.


Dixie Angels


Luna Chicks 11, Tana Strong 2


The eternal struggle between the Luna Chicks and Tanna Strong continued Monday with the Chicks coming out on top 11-2 thanks to a pair of hits from Annah Little. Claire Campbell, Abby Pope and McKenna Philphot also had a good afternoon with a pair of runs scored each.

Carley Boutwell and Julianna Breau scored Tanna Strong’s two runs.