MOORE COLUMN: Charm will always trump a speed trap

Published 4:44 pm Thursday, April 2, 2015

When I told my friends I experienced my first driver’s license check in Crenshaw County, no one was surprised. In fact, the news sent one friend on a tirade.

Aaron grew up in Montgomery and recalled being stopped by troopers while passing through Crenshaw County as a teenager.

Despite the experience (and his tirade), Aaron regularly travels through Crenshaw County.

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Since I started working here, I’ve heard rumblings about speed traps and fears that Crenshaw County might earn a bad reputation.

At this time of the year, we count on the revenue beach traffic brings us. If the speed trap moniker spreads, it won’t matter that the county also has the reputation of “friendliest city” or “front porch community.” Motorists will bypass U.S. Hwy. 331 and take tax dollars with them.

Before moving here, the “speed trap” I was most familiar with was in Robertsdale. When traveling to the beach, most Hwy. 59 motorists knew to slow down when they reached the small town.

Before I moved from Mobile, the Foley Beach Express was built. The toll expressway was faster and eliminated the constant speed limit changes, but it was never my route of choice.

It bypassed the charming downtown shops, some great nurseries, Tanger Outlets, a water park and my favorite restaurant, Lambert’s Café (a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list).

Let’s not worry about any negativity that may or may not arise because of the dedicated work of local law enforcement. Last month’s check yielded more than a dozen arrests, including the teenager suspected of murder.

The motorists who choose to bypass the area for fear of driver’s license checks and speed traps are not the ones who make it a point to stop for an ice cream cone every time they go through Brantley. They are not the ones who love downtown antique shops or fresh fruit stands.

As long as we have our “friendliest city” and charming “front porch community,” we will always have beach traffic.