Georgiana community forms first baseball booster club

Published 5:47 pm Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Georgiana Panthers baseball team has enjoyed growing community support in recent years, but a number of parents are now putting their money (and time) where their mouth is with the formation of the Georgiana Baseball Booster Club.

According to Georgiana teacher and booster club member Allison Edwards, the club was formed thanks to a common dream shared among parents.

“We decided that we want to try to get an indoor batting cage for the guys, which would be a place where they could practice if it rains,” Edwards said.

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“Right now, if it rains they have to call practice.”

But the indoor facility isn’t the only upside to the formation of the booster club.

“We just felt like it would foster more parental involvement if everybody knew we did have an organization and was working toward a goal,” Edwards added.

“We just thought it was something that we needed to do.”

And there’s a lot that needs doing.

In addition to the indoor facility, the club also aims to help the Panthers with travel expenses, as well as team supplies such as balls, field chalk and more.

The lofty goal isn’t something that booster club members can achieve in a year’s time or even two, but the club is well on its way with its most recent fundraising effort—a Boston butt sale—raising more than $1,000.

Edwards’ husband, Jason Edwards, district manager at Amerigas in Greenville, donated a grill and fryer to the club’s efforts to make the concession stand more appealing than ever.

Visitors to the stands during games will notice a slate of items including hamburgers, hotdogs, sausage dogs, chicken fingers and more in addition to the other familiar fare.

Georgiana head baseball coach Ken Hamilton added that the Georgiana parents has been instrumental in turning the baseball team into a cause that the community can rally behind.

The booster club also aims to appeal to the student body with a Meet the Panthers event geared specifically for baseball, which would be similar to the football and basketball-themed events that are held annually.

There are a number of smaller projects consisting of fieldwork and handiwork that the booster club hopes to tackle in the coming months.

“Our door needs work because people are breaking in when it’s not baseball season,” Edwards said.

“We want to try to make a place for the boys to store their stuff that’s separate from the food. There’s fieldwork and handiwork that needs to be done. Any kind of thing that anybody would like to donate, whether it is money or time, would be greatly appreciated.

“Baseball kind of gets overlooked.  Football is such a big sport, and Georgiana basketball is a really big sport, but I guess by the time we get to baseball, everybody’s tired or busy.  But it’s a great sport, and we’ve got some really great players coming up.  The eighth and ninth graders are going to be awesome.”