5 GHS football players sign scholarships, intents to play

Published 12:12 pm Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shown from L to R: Myles Haynes, Raheem Moore, Joey Purifoy, Javarrius Cheatham and Malangelo Caldwell. | ADVOCATE STAFF / ANDREW GARNER

Shown from L to R: Myles Haynes, Raheem Moore, Joey Purifoy, Javarrius Cheatham and Malangelo Caldwell. | ADVOCATE STAFF / ANDREW GARNER

Deafening cheers erupted for each of Greenville High School’s five football players who signed scholarships and intents to play on Wednesday morning in the school’s auditorium.

GHS seniors Myles Haynes and Malangelo Caldwell signed with Miles College; Joey Purifoy signed with Faulkner University; and Raheem Moore and Javarrius Cheatham signed with Tuskeegee University on the same day top high school athletes made their college picks on 2015 National Signing Day.

Cheatham said he picked Tuskeegee because he wants a “better education.”
“It’s a great opportunity,” Cheatham said. “I liked the recruiting visit. Everything went well at the visit.”

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Caldwell said he loved the school and knows Miles College has a great football team.

“I love football and I knew I need to go there to get an education,” Caldwell said.

Moore said there wasn’t any other school he wanted to go to except for Tuskeege.

“That’s the school I always wanted to go to,” he said. “They’ve got my major in occupational therapy.”

Haynes said it’s a pretty cool “coincidence” that he’s going to a college that’s the same as his first name.
“I like the offer that they gave me,” Haynes said. “It’s just a blessing. I thank God. It was kind of a coincidence that my name is Myles and I’m going to Miles (College).”

Purifoy said Faulkner’s overall environment attracted him to sign at the Montgomery university.

“I just felt like that was the school for me,” Purifoy said. “I love the coaching staff and when I visited, they just caught my attention. It made me want to sign.

“I like the environment and the school itself,” he said. “I like the law program they have over there as well, too. That’s what I’m thinking about studying when I go up there.”

It’s not every day that one can say that they signed scholarships and intents to play football at their college of choice.

All five said the day was amazing.

“It was a very special day,” Cheatham said. “I’m very honored.”

“It was amazing,” Caldwell said. “I liked how everybody came out and supported us.”

While it was a special day for Purifoy, he said it was sad, too, because it was the last time he wore his Tiger jersey.

“I’m going to miss my teammates, all my coaches,” he said. “They’ve really been a great impact on me. Myles and I, we all wanted to go to college together, but that changed. That hurt, but we’re going to make an impact.”

Moore said he wouldn’t be signing if it weren’t for his coaches.

GHS head football coach Patrick Plott said he’s proud of his players for getting the opportunity to play at the next level, and “the opportunity to get a college education.”

“Their hard work paid off and I’m proud of them,” Plott said. “We’re still going to support those guys even though they’re not going to be here. We’re going to watch them play and they can always call if they need anything.”

Cheatham is the son of Veronica and Wayne Cheatham; Caldwell is the sone of Kuwonda Caldwell and Tracy Steele; Purifoy is the son of Margaret and Johnny Purifoy; Moore is the son of Keisha Moore; and Haynes is the son of Megan and Brent Haynes, all of Greenville.