LETTER: County should do its part in animal control

Published 9:36 pm Thursday, November 6, 2014

To the editor:

Crenshaw County Animal Society is a non-profit organization that provides information and options for animal welfare, and promotes the benefits of the animal/human bond. The growing group is comprised of citizens who volunteer their time, talent and other resources. Our organizations’ policies differ from the requirements of a municipality. While Crenshaw County is legally required to have an animal shelter and an animal control officer, certainly what they must provide is not even close to what we can create by working together. CCAS will be working in conjunction with a shelter that is appropriately funded by our municipality and is staffed by salaried employees similar to any other county department. All funds raised will be in support of an animal shelter. Some of the things CCAS is currently working on is funding for animal care, obedience and animal control training courses; foster care services; youth education programs; veterinary services; and marketing. The CCAS would like to aid in the start-up process, but first our county government must be accountable for their part. Other counties such as Conecuh and Bullock bring in significantly less revenue than Crenshaw, yet their county animal shelter budgets are over $30,000. When the commissioners say there is no money for a shelter or officer, that’s just not acceptable. The commission’s job is to create policies, procedures and programs that meet the needs of the citizens in a timely fashion. Yet, people have been going to these meetings for years and telling them we need help with strays. Our first edition animal shelter business plan was presented to the commissioners in November 2013. In July, we brought them a second edition. November 2014 is the perfect time for the commission to fulfill their legal and occupational requirements with their plan and date in 2015 for completion.

Kim Thiem

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