Tigers focus on technique for region opener with Booker T. Washington

Published 5:22 pm Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It’s been roughly seven years since Greenville squared off with the Booker T. Washington Golden Eagles in a match that the Tigers handily won 33-6.

But that might as well be ancient history to Greenville head coach Patrick Plott.

Instead of worrying how enemies of the past might get the better of him Friday, Plott is more concerned with preventing the Tigers from beating themselves.

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The Tigers’ season opener with the Valley High School Rams was rife with errors, most of them on offense.

“We were able to watch film and we just missed a lot of assignments on offense,” Plott said.

“We’ve got to get all of that corrected this week.”

To that end, Plott is less concerned with the bigger picture and more with taking the time to sweat the small stuff.

“We’re just focused more on doing the little things and doing them right, and also on getting the guys focused mentally.”

Labor Day was aptly named as the Tigers spent most of the holiday perfecting technique and watching film on the Golden Eagles, which revealed a talented and versatile offense.

“They do multiple things on offense,” Plott added.

“They do the spread some, and they get in the I-formation some.  Defensively, they’re a 3-4 and they run to the football.  They have very good team speed.”

Plott added that the emphasis on technique would be essential in overcoming the Golden Eagles’ swift defense.

And despite last Friday’s lackluster performance, Plott is sticking to his guns against Booker T. Washington, the first regional opponent of the season, though the remainder of this week will be spent polishing them.

“Each week, you want to go in to win; the next game always the most important game,” Plott said.

“It’s also a region game, so we want to get started with a win in the region. We’ve got to teach technique and do the little things that we’re supposed to do, and everything else will take care of itself.”