FAITH COLUMN: Are we being doers of the word of God?

Published 8:47 am Friday, October 11, 2013


A  police officer on his daily patrol pulled in behind a woman in her car stopped at a red light.

As he sat waiting on the light to turn green, he noticed the woman becoming irate at how long the light was taking to turn green.

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As the light turned green she began cussing, banging her fist on he wheel, and blowing the horn at the person in front of her.

The officer followed her as she increasingly  showed more road rage.

He flipped he lights and siren on to get her to pull over.

As he approached the car he motioned for her to step out.

She began asking what she had down wrong he replied the car was stolen.

Confused she began showing the officer her  proof of ownership.

The officer then said “lady I saw the Jesus fish on the trunk and saw the way you were acting and I knew there was no way a Christian would act that way. So, I assumed the car had to be stolen”.

James 1:22 says “ But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

So many times we “go to church” cause “Christians” are suppose to. We sit Sunday after Sunday, maybe Wednesday, and only hear what the word is saying. Failing to realize the only way for our lives to truly be transformed application of the word has to happen.

James challenges us to do more than just wear the image we are to portray the image of Christ in everything we do by being doers as Jesus was. So many times we fall into the category of the woman forgetting that so many people are watching us because of the fish on our trunks.

Gulley is pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Brantley.