Panthers aiming to build momentum

Published 3:47 pm Tuesday, September 24, 2013

After trudging through three tough weeks in a row, the Georgiana School faces its first non-conference opponent since its opener in Calhoun High School.

But a notch in the win column is just as important this week as it has been for any other.

Georgiana head coach Ezell Powell said that regaining a sense of momentum is priority No. 1 this week, regardless of what region or division their opponent is in.

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“That’s the whole thing for us right now — going out and executing, getting a win, and gaining a little momentum going into the second half of the season,” Powell said. “It’s also about developing a little bit of confidence. We have to stay positive and keep learning.”

Calhoun (1-3) has had its share of struggles this season, coming off a particularly tough 26-22 loss to Goshen High School last Friday night.

But those losses aren’t due to a lack of athleticism, which Powell says the Tigers have in spades.

Instead, Powell is certain that the winner of Friday night’s matchup won’t necessarily be the more talented team, but the more disciplined one.

“Both of us are sort of the same, athletically speaking, and they’ve got some skill kids that are pretty good at the running back and quarterback positions that can do some really good things — the same things that we have,” Powell added. “But it’s going to be all about who can execute, play defense the best and minimize mistakes.”

The Panthers and Tigers will face off in Georgiana Friday at 7 p.m.