Intensity top Adrenaline

Published 3:52 pm Friday, May 31, 2013

Dixie Belles


Intensity 13, Adrenaline 5 

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Intensity pitcher Kristin Lassiter gave her defense a rest by keeping Adrenaline largely off the diamond for the first two innings of play, within which the Intensity offense went on a tear by scoring nine unanswered runs.  Takira Walker led Intensity with two early RBIs and Lassiter had eight strikeouts on the day.


Heat 10, Stars 0 

Excellent pitching and even better defensive communication from the Heat defense, particularly Amber Bedgood, Alex Courtney, LeKevionna Powell and Yasmine Watkins, made it a difficult for the Stars to get anything started.

Ashley Brogden led the Heat offense with two RBIs on the day.


Dixie Darlings


Shockers 19, Pink Sox 8

The Shockers lived up to their namesakes with a shocking 19-run scoring performance, giving the team a decisive 19-8 win over the Pink Sox.

An eight-run first inning seemed to take the wind out of the Pink Sox sails.

Kinley Woodard, Janae Allen and Amelia Gregory led the offensive onslaught with three runs scored each, accounting for nearly half of their team’s scores alone.  Alli Butts and Abby Pople each had two runs scored for the Pink Sox.


Dixie Ponytails


Diamond Dolls 16, Outlaws 6 

Anna Blake Longford and Bailey Coker led the Diamond Dolls to victory with two and three runs scored respectively with Coker recording an added homerun to the tally.  Izib Foster and Kaitlyn Neese led the outlaws, going 1-for-2 at bat and scoring a run each.


K’s Angels 10, Pink Sox 3

Despite otherwise solid defensive play for the Pink Sox, it was a second-inning meltdown that led to seven Angel scores that would be their undoing as the Angels clichéd a 10-3 win over the Pink Sox.

Javalo Ocean and Cahley Acreman recorded two runs scored for the Angels, and Alli Butts and Abby Pope managed two runs scored for the Pink Sox.


Dixie Angels


Dynamites 13, Angel Katz 10 

The Angel Katz came out of the gates swinging for the fences in a six-run first inning, including runs scored by Kendall Ward and Saranna Breau—both of which would finish with two runs scored on the day.

But the Dynamites answered in kind in the second and third innings as the Katz offense fizzled out quietly in later innings.  Ishala Haper led the Dynamites with three runs scored.


Dixie Boys


A’s 8, Reds 7 

Despite the Reds heading into the fifth inning with a comfy four-run advantage over the A’s, a five-run explosion late in the fifth inning completely turned the tables, with runs scored from Trevor Longford, Cole English, Daniel McKeown, Tyler Powell and Victor Powell.

Three quick strikeouts for the Reds in the final inning ended the nail biter on a decisive note, as the A’s snatched a late-game 8-7 victory from a four-run trail.


White Sox 7, Indians 2

After a one-run first inning and a scoreless second inning from both teams, it was the White Sox that answered the call at the mound with six runs scored in the third inning alone, creating a gulf that was too much for the Indians to overcome.

Jason Little led the White Sox with two runs scored, and pitcher Luke Taylor recorded an impressive nine strikeouts on the day, and Indians Sullivan Harold and Brandon White managed one run scored each for the Indians.


White Sox 13, Reds 3

The White Sox ended the game in demanding fashion with seven runs scored in the final inning of play.  Bishop Holcomb and Ryan Davis each recorded three runs scored for the White Sox.


Indians 3, A’s 0

Indians Brandon White and William Crenshaw kept the A’s offense largely off the diamond with excellent pitching, managing 13 strikeouts between the dynamic duo.

Two early-game runs scored by White, alongside Sullivan Harold, clinched the win for the Indians 3-0.


Dixie Youth


Orioles 12, Cardinals 7 

It was a decidedly close game between the Orioles and Cardinals until Oriole Caleb Garrett belted out a grand slam to give the Orioles an insurmountable lead.  Jackson Blackmon and Chase Crase also managed two runs scored each for the Orioles, and Treyton McGough and Gavin Huber put up two runs scored for the Cardinals.


Mets 3, Yankees 2 

A late-game run from Braxton Daniels gave the Mets a narrow lead over the Yankees to clinch a close game over the Yankees 3-2.  Jamil Thompson and Tyrone Ingram managed the Yankees’ two scored runs.


Yankees 4, Orioles 3

Despite an impressive three-run second inning for the Orioles with runs scored by Jackson Blackmon, Caleb Garrett and Heath Crawford, the team struggled to put an offensive sequence together in the innings that followed.  Tyrone Ingram, Josh Owens and Jamari Jackson answered the Orioles’ challenge with a run scored each, giving the Yankees the narrow 4-3 win over the Orioles.


Mets 7, Red Sox 6

Braxton Daniels went 3-for-4 and Bryce Yancee split his attempts at bat by going 2-for-4, each with two runs scored, to give the Mets a 7-6 win over the Red Sox by a slim margin.  Martavious Powell had two runs scored and went 1-for-3 at the plate for the Red Sox.


Dixie Minors


Rays 9, Red Sox 3 

The Rays scored eight of their nine runs in the second inning with very little production afterward, but it was enough to seal the deal for a 9-3 win over the Red Sox.  More impressive still was the excellent pitching from Rays pitcher Brady Cartwright, who left the Red Sox scoreless until the fourth inning of play.  Brent Cartwright, Eric Rudolph and Stephen Waggoner scored one run apiece for the Red Sox.


White Sox 17, Braves 2

A series of walks for the White Sox kept the bases loaded in the game’s opening moments, leading to nine runs scored in the first inning of play alone and six in the second.  Caden Coker and Morgan Norris went 1-for-3 in hitting on the day with five runs scored between them for the White Sox.  Bryce Acreman and Trace Thomas scored the Braves’ two runs on the day.


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