White Sox cruise past Reds

Published 8:25 am Wednesday, May 22, 2013

White Sox 13, Reds 1


The White Sox put on a scoring clinic in their 13-1 landslide victory over the Reds.  Ten strikeouts from White Sox pitcher Jason Little left the Reds without many options on offense, but it was the solid batting from Luke Taylor, Bishop Holcomb, Wyatt Bass, Jerrod Johnson and a host of other White Sox that led to a 5th inning surge to victory.

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Indians 9, A’s 3


The Indians began to pull away from a very tight first two innings with the aid of a homerun from Connor Windham at the close of the second.  Brandon White would add to the homer tally with one of his own in the following inning, propelling the Indians to a 9-3 win over the A’s.


White Sox 6, A’s 0


Bats from A’s players only connected six times over five innings of play due to a stellar pitching performance from White Sox pitcher Luke Taylor, leading to a 6-0 shutout.  Taylor and Marlin Dickerson added two RBIs apiece for the White Sox.


Indians 9, Reds 7


Kaleb Rinehart went 2-for-2 with a single and a homerun for the Indians, edging out the Reds in the process by a narrow 9-7 margin.  Despite leading for the duration of the game, it all came down to the last inning as the Indians closed out strong with three runners batted in from Mason Keen, Quinterrius Powell and Cameron Jarmon.  Zach Winters and Austin Nicholas led the Reds with two runners batted in each.


Dixie Minors


Red Sox 9, Braves 7


A frontloaded first inning for the Redsox, in which seven runs were scored, was too much for the Braves to overcome despite an impressive effort.

The Braves would answer the early onslaught with a pair of RBIs from Cameron Acreman and Dylan Smith, giving the Braves a four-run margin heading into the final innings of play.  But the Redsox rallied in innings three and four, holding on to a close 9-7 victory over the Braves.


White Sox 12, Tigers 10


Defense took a backseat as both the Whitesox and the Tigers put on an old-fashioned slugfest.  Despite the Tigers defense managing to hold the Whitesox to a run-less final inning, they were unable to mount a proper response themselves, despite impressive batting from Jacob Foster and Davis Gaston, each with two runners batted in apiece.  Demarcus Smith, Caden Coker, Ian McClure and Tony Spann each had two RBIs for the Whitesox.


White Sox 9, Rays 8


The White Sox edged out the Rays 9-8 in a nail-biter that came down to the very last pitch.  After two four-run innings in the first and third from the Whitesox, a huge homerun from pitcher Sam Sherling breathed life back into the Rays offense.  But a final RBI from Martarrius Davidson, his last of three on the day, would prove the proverbial nail in the coffin for the Rays.


Tigers 10, Braves 1


A five-run final surge in the last inning of play for the Tigers all began with a homer from Davis Gaston, and the four runs that followed effectively closed the books on a convincing 10-1 win for the Tigers over the Braves.  Gaston and fellow Tiger Channing Beverly led the team with two RBIs on the day.  Janorris Boggan put up the Braves’ sole RBI.


Dixie Belles


Intensity 11, Stars 2


Kristin Lassiter, Ashley Ballard and Kenyette Peterson all went 2-for-3 and Daizia Womack went 3-3 to lead Intensity to a clear-cut win over the Stars by a margin of 11-2.  Amber Bedgood, Jurnee Burnett and Jamiya Watkins all went 1-2 for the Stars.  Ashley Ballard threw the winning pitch to seal the deal.


Diamond Dolls 17, Adrenaline 1


The Diamond Dolls were firing on all cylinders for five innings, as each Diamond Doll managed at least one runner batted in.  Shelby Heartsill managed the only run scored for Adrenaline.


Intensity 11, Stars 2


Ashley Ballard and Kenyette Peterson went 2-for-3 and Daizia Womack went 3-for-3 to give Intensity a major advantage over the Stars in their 11-2 victory.  Amber Bedgood and Alex Courtney contributed two runs scored for the Stars.


Stars 7, Adrenaline 3


A final-inning three-run push from Jamie Riley, Olivia Foster and Amber Bedgood gave the Stars a noticeable cushion near the end of play that Adrenaline was never able to come back from, leading the Stars to a 7-3 win over Adrenaline.  Tankevia Durant, Clara Anne King and Jenna Scruggs each put up a run scored for Adrenaline.


Diamond Divas 13, Dynamites 3


The Diamond Divas continued their dominance from the mound over the Dynamites my mounting an impressive seven runs scored in the first two innings before the Dynamites could hit the scoreboard.  Although a late-game effort from Caitlin West, Haley Ballard and Elanna Breau gave the Dynamites some energy in the final two innings of play, the seven-run lead was too much of a gulf to overcome.


Heat 12, Stars 2


Solid pitching from Diamond Diva Deasia Durantt kept the ball in play for the Divas defense to make plays, shutting out the Stars for much of the six innings of play.  Mya Coleman and Amber Bedgood each scored one run for the Stars.


Intensity 25, Adrenaline 5


It was as though pitches were being thrown in slow motion for Intensity as nearly every bat connected for a score throughout all five innings of play.  Kenyette Peterson, Daizia Womack and Takira Walker had 10 RBIs between the three of them, and led the Intensity to a remarkable 25-5 blowout over Adrenaline.


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