White Sox edge Braves

Published 1:23 pm Friday, May 17, 2013

Dixie Boys


White Sox 4, Braves 3

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Two runs scored in the final inning of play powered the White Sox over the Braves, giving their team a narrow one-run victory.

With a one-run deficit heading into the sixth inning, Anthony Sellers and Jason Little delivered two clutch runs to close the game.


White Sox 9, A’s 4

Two early homers from the first and second players at bat, Jason Little and Luke Taylor, set the pace for an offensive White Sox onslaught for the first three innings of play.  Both had two runs scored.

Trevor Langford, Tyler Powell, Sydarius Harris and Alex Owens would all contribute late-game runs, but it wasn’t enough to stem the White Sox tide.


Indians 4, Reds 3

Indians pitcher William Crenshaw led his team with an impressive 14 strikeouts, only allowing three runs scored.

Dimitriez Bedgood, Quentarius Powell and Mason Keen contributed the team’s only four runs, although an unyielding defense proved vital for the win.

Zach Winters, William Sherling and Clay Thompson attempted to mount a late-game effort for the Reds to close the gap with a run apiece.


A’s 13, Reds 0

The A’s cruised to a 13-0 shutout victory over the Reds, led by impressive pitching from Joseph Price.

It was a six-run explosion in the third inning that propelled the A’s, with runs scored by Zach Price, Joseph Price, Logan Vickery, Daniel McKweon, Tyler Powell and Victor Powell.


Dixie Angels


Outlaws 11, Dynamites 4

The Outlaws turned on the steam late in the fourth inning, cruising their way to a definitive 11-4 win over the Dynamites.

Lara Beth Blackmon, Annie Taylor, Kirstian Ballard, Lele Crenshaw and Tykea Feagin each had a run scored in the late-game offensive wave.

Haley Ballard had a couple of runs scored for the Dynamites, as well as one run each from Tankeya Smith and Elanna Breau.


Diamond Divas 15, Dynamites 8

Despite the Dynamites’ impressive four-run start, every Diamond Diva contributed at least one run scored to propel their team to a 15-8 win in a shootout over the Dynamites.

Shelby Vickery and Hannah Claire Till each had two runs scored for the Diamond Divas, and Caitlyn West and Gracie Whiddon followed suit with two runs scored for the Dynamites.


Diamond Dolls 18, Angel Katz 6

Savanna Brew put up impressive numbers with a run scored and an RBI for the Angel Katz, but it wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught of the Diamond Dolls in their 18-6 win over the Angel Katz.

The Dolls put up seven runs in the first inning alone, which set the pace for a dominating offensive performance with contributions from every player on the team.

Meizja Burnett was 2-for-3 with two runs scored, and MaKayla Coleman and Tamara Rudolph each contributed three runs scored each.


Dixie Youth


Orioles 14, Cardinals 3

Despite a pair of early runs from Cardinals Gavin Huber and Moe Moseley, a fifth-inning surge of offense from the Orioles would blow the game wide open for the Orioles, giving them a decisive 14-3 victory over the Cardinals.

All but three Orioles scored runs in the fifth inning of play, putting the game well out of reach for the Cardinals.

Caleb Garrett, Daniel Palmer, Austin Williams, Jackson Blackmon, Chase Crase, Nathan Little, Chris Bedgood and Austin Raines all contributed runs during the late-game offensive storm.




Tigers 6, Rays 5

Davis Gaston was 2-for-4 with two runs scored for the Tigers in their narrow victory over the Rays, 6-5.

Gaston had some help from Dalton Daniels, Channing Beverly, Riley Boutwell and Lane Cater, who each contributed one run scored apiece.

Sam Sherling contributed two runs for the Rays, alongside Brady Cartwright, Dawson Sarblah and Collin Fuller with one run each.


White Sox 11, Red Sox 2

A six-run fourth inning from the White Sox would decisively put the game out of reach for the Red Sox by a margin of 11-2.

Demarcus Smith, Caden Coker and Martarrius Davidson would each have two runs scored for the White Sox.

Trey Little and Christopher Schofield each had one run scored for the Red Sox, with the former suffering an injury early in the third inning.




White Sox 11, Tigers 5

Ayden Alexander, Jayden Scott and Edward Payne got the Tigers started with a run apiece early in the second inning to answer the White Sox’s three quick runs from Diontra Williams, Haley Burrage and Christopher Stinson, the first hitters up to bat.

But it did little to stop the White Sox momentum that carried throughout the final innings of play.

Williams and Stinson finished the game with two runs each, putting the White Sox comfortably over the Tigers 11-5.


Rangers 6, Red Sox 4

A pair of homers from Lucas Elliot and Tate Killough powered the Rangers over the Red Sox in a five-run inning, giving them the narrow 6-4 win over the Red Sox.

Adrian Moorer, Christ Patton, Jameson Dunklin and Freddy Fails all had runs scored for the Red Sox.


Cubs 10, Indians 9

The Cubs edged out the Indians 10-9 after a seven-run second inning, led by home runs from Chase Blackmon and Cale Whiddon, proved insurmountable for the Indians offense.

The Indians didn’t give up, however, mounting five consecutive runs scored in the following inning from Cameron Dunklin, DaMayas Simpson, Matthew Clark, Hunter Norwood and Triey Myrick.

But a late-game run from Whiddon sealed the deal and netted a victory for the Cubs.


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