Lady Patriots spoil FDA’s home opener

Published 2:56 pm Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pike Liberal Arts School defeated Fort Dale Academy 3-0 in the Lady Eagles home opener Tuesday.

The Lady Patriots scored a 25-10 win in the first set, a 25-6 win in the second set and sealed the victory with a 25-15 win in the third set.

“We were on the other side of the great serve,” Fort Dale head coach Scarlett Anderson said. “Pike had very good serves. They also passed the ball fast and low to the net, which caught our front row of guard.”

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Anderson said the Lady Patriots ability to pass the ball low and score points by quickly tipping the ball over the net posed problems for the Lady Eagles.

“Pike had several free balls over, but they were consistently passing fast, low balls and we couldn’t back up quick enough to play the ball,” she said. “They had a couple of good attacks, but it was the tip or pushed ball over that did us in.”

Anderson said the Lady Eagles have been working to correct the weaknesses exposed by the Lady Patriots.

“We’ve worked relentlessly in practice to fix the problem, and we’ll be better prepared the next time we play,” she said. “We’re still a young team. We only have one senior. I’m happy with the team. Each and every one (of the girls on the team) are a joy to work with and they make my job easy because they want to learn.”

Fort Dale will be back in action today when it travels to Montgomery to face Evangel Christian. The varsity match will follow the junior varsity match, which is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.



The Fort Dale junior varsity scored a 2-0 win against Pike Liberal Arts on Tuesday.

The Lady Eagles won the first set 25-5 and took the second set 26-24.

“I played my starters in the first and they did a great job,” Anderson said. “They were winning on serves alone. I started subbing in and my subs were also having a great day with their serves. The second set I put in all new players and they handled themselves very well. They were a little nervous, but they did well.”