Heartbreakers crush Kaos

Published 9:26 am Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tankevia Durant, AJ Sandford, Daizia Womack and Paige Odom all came up big for the Heartbreakers with two runs each in a decisive 16-2 win over the Kaos.  Aubrey Buck and Sarah Smith each had a hit and a run scored for Kaos.

Adrenaline 10, Dirt Divas 4
Daisha Durant tried to keep the Dirt Divas in the game with two hits and a run scored, but the combined offensive prowess of Kodi McCullough, Klair Ann King, Cortnee Meyers and Chey’anne Kilpatrick proved too much.

Diamond Divas 15, Diamond Dolls 0
Anna Blake Langford, Hannah Clairtill, Shelby Vickery and Shaterika Rudolph combined for a total of 11 runs for the Diamond Divas, who appeared to be firing on all cylinders.

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Dirt Divas 11, Kaos 7
Daisha Durant once again led her team with three hits and three runs scored to a big 11-7 victory.  Aubrey Buck had a hit and a run scored for Kaos.

Heartbreakers 5, Adrenaline 3
Ashley Ballard and Caitlyn Jarman combined for four hits and three runs to edge out a win over Adrenaline 5-3.  Chey-anne Kilpatrick managed two hits and a run for Adrenaline.

Diamond Divas 2, Dynamic Dodgers 0
The Diamond Divas continued their impressive defensive performance with another shutout over the Dodgers.  Shelby Vickery had two hits and a run scored for the Diamond Divas.

Sting Rays 16, Knockouts 14
Julie Layfield led the Knockouts with two RBIs, but it wasn’t enough to stem the tide of offensive pressure from the Sting Rays.  Both Kaitlyn Padgett and Mya Coleman had two runs scored for the Sting Rays.

Heartbreakers 9, Dirt Divas 8
Despite three runs from Courtnee Meyers and two from Amber Bedgood, the Dirt Divas suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Heartbreakers 9-8.

Diamond Divas 13, Diamond Dolls 0
Over the past few days, it almost seems as if the Diamond Divas have forgotten what it’s like to be scored on.  Alex Little and Shelby Vickery each powered out three hits and three runs scored.

Rebels 14, Knockouts 3
Alex Merry had two hits and three runs scored along with Chelsey Mink’s three hits and three runs allowed the Rebels to win in convincing fashion over the Knockouts.  Sydnee Colvin and Lucy Bates had a hit and run scored apiece for the Knockouts.

Dixie Youth

Marlins 4, Rangers 1
Bishop Riley and William Crenshaw each scored a run in the Marlins’ 4-1 win.  Jackson Blackmon had two hits for the Rangers.

Red Sox 6, Rangers 1
Keller Rodgers and Trevor Langford tag-teamed for an impressive effort in the Red Sox’s 6-1 victory over the Rangers.  Logan Vickery had a hit for the Rangers.

White Sox 10, Marlins 4
Anthony Sellers contributed an RBI and a home run to the White Sox for a clear victory over the Marlins.  Tripp Richardson led the Marlins with a hit, a run scored and an RBI.

Rays 5, Red Sox 1
Baker Bozeman had a hit and an RBI for the Red Sox, but it wasn’t enough to stave off the Rays.  Luke Taylor had two hits and two runs for the Rays while Braxton Daniels put up two hits and an RBI.

Dixie Boys

Rays 5, Cardinals 4
Tanner Cartwright kept the Cardinals in the game with two hits and two runs scored, but the collective effort of Reid Crosby, Mack Thomas and Chris Shufford was enough to keep the Rays ahead in a narrow 5-4 victory.

Cardinals 6, Rays 5
Austin Vickery stepped up for the Rays with two hits and two runs scored, but the Cardinals rallied together in the rematch for a close 6-5 win.  Clayton McMeans had two hits and a run scored for the Cardinals.

Dixie Minor

Mets 8, Braves 6
Evan Clark proved the clear MVP for the Mets with a hit, a home run and three RBIs.  Brice Acreman had an impressive two hits and three RBIs for the Braves.

Rangers 5, Rays 4
Jamar Jackson and Damien Mount combined for five RBIs in a close 5-4 win over the Rays.

Rays 17, Cardinals 9
The Rays put on an offensive clinic with 17 runs scored, led by Erik Rudolph and Nate Richardson.  Deago Martin and Demarcus Smith each had a hit and two runs scored for the Cardinals.

Rangers 2, Mets 1
Evan Clark’s RBI for the Mets wasn’t enough to close a very narrow gap, leading to a 2-1 Rangers victory.


Lady Bugs 11, Pigtails 10
Cahley Acreman’s home run and five RBIs led the Lady Bugs to a thrilling win over the Pigtails.  Mya Moorehead had three hits and two runs scored for the Pigtails.

Riptides 7, Angel Katz 4
Emma Ryals clinched the win for the Riptides with three RBIs and a home run.  Erionna Burnett had two big RBIs for the Lady Katz.

Riptides 13, Lady Bugs 4
Kendall Ward led the Riptides to an impressive 13-4 win over the Lady Bugs with two RBIs and two home runs.  Abbie Schofield delivered an RBI for the Lady Bugs.

Angel Katz 7, Pigtails 4
Samaya Riley and BreAnna Rhodes each had two RBIs and a home run to put the Lady Katz over the Pigtails 7-4.  Terriyona Fore had a home run and an RBI for the Pigtails.

Angel Katz 13, Riptides 7
BreAnna Rhodes led the Katz with three RBIs and a home run in a revenge win over the Riptides.  Marie Scott had two RBIs and a home run for the Riptides.

Pigtails 15, Lady Bugs 4
After suffering an earlier loss by a small margin to the Lady Bugs, the Pigtails came out to play with a 15-point performance, led by Terriyonna Fore’s two RBIs and a home run.


Dodgers 13, Braves 10
Lucas Quotes led the Dodgers in a spectacular offensive performance against the Braves with one RBI and two home runs.  Jacob Foster had three hits and three runs scored for the Braves.

White Sox 5, Diamondbacks 2
Brady McCullough put up a hit and a run for the Diamondbacks, but Haley Burrace’s RBI and home run kept the White Sox ahead 5-2.

Indians 5, Red Sox 3
Despite impressive performances from Red Sox players Trey Little, Nate Barrow and Stephen Wagon Jr., the Indians cruised to a 5-3 win with the help of Daven Williamson’s two hits and two runs.

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