Georgiana still lacks head coach

Published 5:08 pm Friday, May 13, 2011

Athletic Director Coach Kirk Norris says his players are still practicing, despite not having a head coach named.

The Georgiana Panthers have still yet to name a head coach, though the end of the 2010-2011 school year is fast approaching.

The Panthers relieved first-year head coach Shawn Gregory last fall after 6 straight losses. Athletic Director Kirk Norris acted as head coach for the remainder of the season, but Norris said there is still a lot of uncertainty involving the upcoming season.

“Things are still kind of up in the air,” Norris said. “We are waiting to move forward until all decisions have been made.”

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Principal Joseph Dean said that a couple of factors have played into the delay, and that Norris would announce a coach when he is ready.

“We won’t let time restraints be the determining factor,” Dean sad. “I think it is more important to search thoroughly and hire the right person for the job.”

The position has been advertised since February of this year on the Alabama State Department of Education Website. Norris is leading the search committee, and once a candidate is decided upon, Dean said the matter then goes to the Board for final approval.

In the meanwhile, Dean said that the coaching staff from last year is still in place and that this is one of the reasons the search party hasn’t began to panic.

“We still got all our coaches on staff leading our spring practices,” Norris said. “We are doing the best we can with the situation we are to try to get these kids ready for the fall. We don’t want them to be in a hole by the time we do hire a coach.”