Tigers defeat Straughn, record now 10-7

Published 2:30 pm Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An 8-7 victory over Straughn on Monday brings the Greenville Tigers’ record to 10-7.

The Tigers have the skills, but coach Brad Horn says sometimes his team’s immaturity shows.

“We sometimes have a lack of focus late in the game, making careless errors that end up costing us big time,” Horn said.

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Not every game, however, has been plagued by a lack of concentration. The Tigers claimed a 7-3 victory over Luverne last Tuesday, in a 7-inning battle that Greenville trailed for most of the match.

“We started out slow, but hung in there and battled back,” Horn said.

The turnaround came in the sixth inning. Nick Davis led things off with a single, then Raymond Moody singled and Jeremy McGinty drove in a run of a sacrifice fly.

Horn said the pitcher was preoccupied with Moody on second, and tried to pick him off four or five times. The distracted Luverene mound, however, made a fatal error lobbing up a chest-high fastball to Ozell Carter, who knocked the ball clear out of the park to jump up 5-3.

Rush Nimmer pitched a full game, and came in the seventh going three up and three down to close it out.

“That was Nimmer’s second outing in a row that he came out and pitched a complete game for the win,” Horn said.

The Tigers took on Deshler next for a non-region bout. Horn said that Moody started on the mound, but didn’t have his best stuff.

Pitching aside, however, Horn said they had chances to score but didn’t capitalize.

In the fourth inning, with the bases loaded and the meat of Greenville’s line-up coming up to bat, the Tigers gave up three pop-flies. In the sixth, three more Greenville base runners were left on base. The Tigers lost 9-3.

“It you leave the bases loaded, it is tough to win ball games,” Horn said.

Greenville again struggled with leaving base runners marooned, but still managed to retake the lead late.

“We scored four runs in the seventh for a 12-9 lead, which should have been enough,” Horn said.

Then the “error bug” reared its ugly head, Horn said, letting Lee sneak in 4 runs in the bottom of the seventh to steal the lead and the win, 13-12.

The Tigers played Straughn on Monday, picking up another win, 8-7.

Horn said his players were better with pitch selection, and drew 9 walks during the game. Baserunning helped the Tigers claim the win.

“If we aren’t going to hit the ball, we have to be more aggressive on the bases,” Horn said.

Nimmer pitched during the match, but left the game and Jeremy McGinty picked up the win.