Up & Down Commerce Street – Feb. 5

Published 3:08 pm Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The good people at Greenville Pediatrics honored the staff of The Advocate this week with lunch from Emily’s, bringing in several jugs of tea, fresh bread, salad with all the requisite garnishments, and an excellent chocolate dessert we just polished off late Friday afternoon.
A note included said: “Thanks for all you do for us and the community. We appreciate your help with our fundraising for Safe Harbor!”
Greenville Pediatrics, of course, has donated all of the proceeds from the raffle of their “homemade” playhouses the past two years to the Butler County Children’s Advocacy Center, or, Safe Harbor.
We appreciated the lunch, Greenville Pediatrics. And thank you for all you do to make Butler County a better place.
– – –
Kimberly Powell of Greenville was named to the Dean’s List at the University of Montevallo.
– – –
If you peruse the web much, you might be familiar with the “slogan” photos that some budding marketing specialist came up with.
They’re basically photographs on a black background, with one word in large type beneath them and some sort of statement under that. They’re pretty popular on the World Wide Web.
The staff at Greenville High School – namely English teacher Naomi Pryor – snagged that same idea for use in the school.
She printed up poster-sized photos of various teachers in the school and used them to promote learning. For example, Principal Brad Cook is pictured reading a copy of Stephen King’s “The Stand,” the word READ under his photo, followed by a quote.
Cook said if it helps the students, he’s game for anything.
– – –
Greenvlle’s loss is Chipley’s gain. Once on the chopping block, the last standing WestPoint Home manufacturing plant in Florida is gaining over 100 jobs because the one in Greenville is closing.
WestPoint Home announced the closing of the Greenville plant this week, putting over 130 full-time workers out of a job.
With 140 new jobs scheduled to come on-line at the two automotive suppliers in town, hopefully most of these people can secure themselves a job soon.
The once-proud textile industry has fallen by the wayside in the United States, with more and more jobs headed overseas. Cheaper labor.
And Chipley? Be wary.
Something tells us the bell will toll for thee sometimes in the very near future.
– – –
Expect the grumbling to start soon. Gasoline is slowly creeping its way towards God-awful-prices-that-no-one-can-afford. It’s already eclipsed the $3 mark.
The troubles in Egypt will only exasperate those prices.
Next, the politicians will be on television voicing their concerns about gas prices, the same concerns that have died down over the last two years as prices dropped below $2.
A vicious cycle.

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