Seeking former GHS football players

Published 11:49 am Monday, October 11, 2010

The City of Greenville and Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce wants to locate all Greenville High School football players that played for Coach Wayne Woodham from 1980 to 1985.

Wayne Woodham Day is scheduled for Oct. 22 and Coach Woodham will be at the GHS Athletic Fieldhouse at 4 p.m. If you know the following former players, or how to locate them, please call the Chamber at 382-3251.

David Allen
James Andrews
Chuck Armstrong
Anthony Atkins
Danny Atkins
Sylvester Atkins
Pat Autrey
Levester Bailey
Tony Bailey
Charles Baine
Clarence Bedgood
William Bedgood
Alvin Bell
Hal Benson
Robert Blankenship
Jimmy Boggan
Darrell Booker
Jimmy Boswell
Alvin Briggs
Oliver Brooks
David Brown
Mike Brown
Darren Bryan
Frederick Burnett
Kyle Burnett
Kenneth Carter
Seon Carter
Melvin Cheatham
Terry Cheatham
Maurice Coleman
Nathan Coleman
Russell Coleman
Eddie Cook
Jerome Cook
Leroy Cook
Randy Corkren
Allen Crenshaw
Bruce Crenshaw
Kenny Crenshaw
Sylvester Crenshaw
Harry Crum
Jimmy Crum
Sequincy Culver
Jeff Cummings
Efren Daniels
Jerry Davidson
Pat Davidson
John Mark Davis
John Paul Davis
Russell     Davis
Mark DeBellis
Kevin Dubose
Buster Duke
Elquardo Erby
Chuck Faulkner
John Fitzgerald
Howard Freeland
Richard Fussell
Scott Gafford
Brian Gibson
Keith Gibson
Troy Godwin
Curtis Gray
Anthony Gregory
Ricky Gregory
Chris Griffin
Craig Griffin
Tommy Griffin
Levon Hale
E. J. Hamilton
Carl Harris
Chris Hartzog
Darren Hawkins
Earl Hawkins
O’Neal Haynes
Raymond Henderson
Andy Herring
Tommy Hinson
Tony Holley
Mike Jackson
Willie Jackson
Carl Jenkins
Darrin Johnson
Freddie Johnson
Frederick Johnson
Leroy Johnson
Roosevelt Johnson
Vince Johnson
Brian Jones
Jeff Jones
Michael Jones
Mike Jones
Paul Jones
Donnie Kemp
Amos King
Kevin Kirk
David Knight
Michael Lamb
Bill Lampkin
Jimbo Lawrence
Kent Layton
Albert Lewis
Chris Lewis
Gary Lewis
Robert    Lewis
David    Little
Jeff Little
James Lloyd
Todd Long
Chris Luckie
Lee Lymon
Mike Lynch
Alvin Mack
Curtis Mack
Darron    Mack
Willie Mack
Archie    Mackie
Dewayne Marsh
Earl Marsh
Paul Marsh
Stanley Marsh
Steve Maye
Calvin mMcDonald
David McKinley
Craig McNaughton
Keith McNaughton
Marty McRae
Willie Miller
Ronnie    Mitchell
Lee Montee
John Moorer
Farris Morgan
Jerome    Morgan
Jerry Mullins
Davance Murphy
John Murphy
Torrey Norris
Tony Oswald
Jacob Parmer
Curtis Patterson
Marvin Patterson
Keith Payton
Charles Peagler
Jessie Perdue
Curtis Peterson
Frank Phelps
Robert Phifer
David Pierce
Willie Posey
Jake Powell
Johnny    Powell
Tom Powell
William Powell
Larry Pressly
Doug Pugh
Jessie Purdue
Robert Ray
Travis Ray
Moses Rivers
Phillip Rogers
Cedric Rudolph
Johnny Rudolph
Charles Ruffin
Pat Savage
Richard Savage
Willie Savage
Robert Scott
Rod Seale
Henry Sevion
Thorin Shambray
Mark Sherrill
Charles Smith
Fred Smith
James Curtis Smith
Lannie Smith
Terry Smith
Tony Smith
Tracey Smith
Danny Smothers
Melvin Stallings
Tracey Steele
Ricky Stone
David Taylor
Mike Taylor
Neil Taylor
Wiley Thornton
Pat Till
Scott Tilley
Scott Trawick
Caron Turner
Daryl Turner
Gus Turner
Patrick Vancor
Scott Vancor
James Vickery
Joe Warrick
Andrew Waters
William Watson
Donnie Whatley
Ronnie Whatley
Russ Whiddon
David Whittington
Danny Williams
Carl Wilson
Darron Wilson
Martin Wilson
Chris Womack
Melvin Womack
David Wood
Franklin Woods
Michael Yancey
Oliver Yeldell
Vincent Ziegler

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