Riley, King: the neverending story

Published 5:11 pm Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I can respect what Gov. Bob Riley and Attorney General Troy King does for the state of Alabama, but please: give it a rest gentlemen.

About the only thing these two agree on is that they disagree on everything. Each day, it seems, both Riley and King are at odds in the press about some issue, whether it be gambling or preemptive lawsuits filed against BP. And I’m really sick of it. Look, you two don’t care for each other. We get that. If you weren’t two of the most high profile persons in Alabama, the rest of the state could move on. But we can’t. We’re locked into this argument to. At least until you’re both out of office.

This spat is like a long-running feud between two high schoolers; two little old ladies who fight over the same church pew; two boys in a sandbox arguing over a toy. It’s one of those fights where no one really cares who’s right or wrong because somewhere along the way the issues got lost in the argument. The argument became the focus, not what was being said.

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Come Nov. 2, Alabamians will vote on a new governor and a new attorney general. Dr. Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks are your candidates for governor, and James Anderson and Luther Strange are vying for attorney general. Gentlemen, whichever one of you wins, please try to work together to solve the state’s problems. Open the lines of communication between the governor’s and the AG’s office. Let’s start anew. Wipe the slate clean. Agree to disagree, but find common ground on issues for the good people of this state.

Work together. Now that’s a refreshing idea.