McKenzie hammers Shields, 66-6

Published 11:57 pm Friday, September 10, 2010

McKenzie proved again Friday, this time versus J.F. Shields, that once they get the momentum going, the score starts climbing higher and higher.
“Once it got going, we just kept going with the flow,” said head coach Miles Brown. “It’s a situation where it was good we handled it the way we did.”
When the mighty McKenzie train grinded to a stop, the score was a staggering 66-6.
The Tigers put in most of those points before half.
Rushing was the name of the game: the Tigers tallied 337 total rushing yards for the evening.
Emmanuel Johnson scored off an 81-yard carry, leading the pack with 108 rushing yards, Nicarious Peterson picked up 50 yards on five carries, and Cliff Pugh scored on a 47-yard run and a 23-run.
Passing wasn’t two shabby either. For the night, McKenzie was 4-of-4 for 124 yards. Sir Wallace Presley had three touchdown passes, including a 35-yard scoring strike to Matt Lewis and a 30-yard touchdown pass to Ethan Faust.
“We had a lot of young players get some time tonight, which is important for the development of your program,” Brown said
Ethan Davis and Ladarius Grace both grabbed nine tackles. Caneilyus Preley had five tackles for the night, picking up one sack.
J.F. Shields’ lone score came following a McKenzie fumble deep inside the Tigers’ own territory.
The Tigers’ JV offense played the second half. McKenzie plays at Geneva County next Friday night.

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