Taking action to benefit the community

Published 4:10 pm Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As individuals, we often feel limited in the effect we can have on our community and the world at large. However, when we join forces with other like-minded people, we can and do make a positive difference in the corner of this planet we inhabit-and well beyond. Sometimes it just takes one citizen who has a dream and sets out to make it a reality by finding others to join him or her in the quest.

Last week was a historic moment for a group of south Butler County citizens. They- young adults, retirees, black, white, educators, business people, civic leaders, health care workers and more-became charter members of the Georgiana ACTION Civitan Club.

Several months ago, Byron Ward, a city council member for District 5 in Georgiana, sought out assistance in getting a civic club established in his town. And his efforts paid off.

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With 30 members and counting, including members from the sponsor club in Enterprise and the Camellia City Civitans, Ward’s dream became a reality last Thursday at Calvary Baptist Church in Georgiana.

As he stood before the audience, the newly installed president of the county’s newest organization, one could see the excitement and pride in Ward’s eyes.

He wants good things to happen in Georgiana, and he knows it takes citizens working together in harmony to make it happen. Before the group even received their charter, they had their first civic project, co-chaired by Pam Ward and Ernie Scruggs, gathering boxes of school supplies and hundreds of dollars in donations to benefit students and teachers at Georgiana School.

Ward has been joined by these fellow officers: president-elect J. Wendell Andrews, a man with an amazing 50 years of service as a Civitan; Verlinda Dixon, secretary; Ernie Scruggs, treasurer; Alan Ward, sergeant-at-arms; Douglas Golden, chaplain; James “Larson” Watts, media director and board members Larry Creech, Joyce Herring, Debby Mayberry, Jessica Ward and Pam Ward.

Now that the group has been chartered, they will be meeting on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Masonic Hall at 248 Jones Street in Georgiana. They are looking for more ways to make their community a better place-and more people willing to help them take on the task.

In life, we can sit back and wait for someone else to improve our situation, or we can choose to take action and work together to make those improvements.

Godspeed to Ward and all the members of the Georgiana ACTION Civitan Club in their future endeavors.