Two locals to compete in Hershey’s Track and Field Games

Published 4:57 pm Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They didn’t win golden tickets, but two Greenville children won a chance to compete in the Hershey Track and Field Games in Pennsylvania, all expenses paid.

Travares Jackson, 10, and Tyrone Ingram, 10, both earned the right to join three fellow Alabamians at the national meet on August 7. Jackson placed first in the softball throw with at 149 foot toss, while Ingram placed second in the long jump leaping 6 feet and 18 inches.

Jerome Harris, parks and recreation director, explained that more than just a track and field competition awaits Jackson and Ingram. They will be flown to Hershey, Penn. for no charge and spend three days seeing the sights and sounds of this chocolate paradise.

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“They will get a chance to tour the Hershey Candy Company, and go to Hershey World, an amusement park similar to Six Flags,” Harris said.

Harris speaks from experience, as he was allowed to chaperone a previous year.

“When you see eight or nine swimming-pool-sized vats of candy being mixed, its something you will never forget,” Harris said.

Diedre Womack, who first told Jackson about this opportunity, said she wishes more people knew about this program.

“Back when I started volunteering, there were hundreds of kids coming out to participate,” Womack said. “This year, I only saw maybe 50 children.”

Low local participation, however, doesn’t take away from the accomplishments of the duo’s achievements. Greenville’s district contains nine states, including Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia.

“Its very difficult because you aren’t only competing against the guy next to you, but you have to worry about what they are doing in Miami, also,” Womack said.

The North American final will be held August 7.